IT Pros Want Relief From Network Costs, Complexity, Talari Survey Says

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IT Pros Want Relief From Network Costs, Complexity, Talari Survey Says

In a new survey, IT professionals said a reliable network is important to the success of their businesses and they rely on the WAN for their most important tasks.

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Networks Aren't Cheap

According to the survey, more than 40 percent of respondents said they had spent most of their IT budgets in 2015 on network solutions, with 31 percent saying they spent the most on cloud infrastructure. In addition, 38 percent plan to spend most of their IT budgets on the same thing this year.

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It Isn't Getting Much Better

Ninety percent of respondents said they will increase spending on their networks within the next five years. Almost half of the IT professionals said they will look to spend as much as 20 percent more on the network solutions.

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Network Disruption Is Biggest Pain Point

More than 35 percent of respondents said network disruptions, which hurt the performance of critical applications, was at the top of their list of problems. Such disruptions can make it difficult for users to access the applications they need to do their jobs or to take advantage of all the features of the apps. Employee productivity, customer service and the overall brand can suffer.

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Network Spikes Also a Problem

More than 17 percent said that when large numbers of people try to use network resources, access is hindered and applications can slow to a crawl. This can be a particular problem if client-facing resources tied to the corporate WAN are affected.

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The Pain Points Continue

Respondents noted a wide range of other network challenges, from monitoring, reporting and visualization (10.9 percent called it their top WAN problem), inadequate vendor support (10.4 percent), link load balancing (9.7 percent) and network complexity caused by devices that are difficult to install and maintain (7.2 percent).

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Looking at the WAN

According to 32 percent of respondents, increasing the reliability of the WANs is the biggest need in the WAN.

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Embracing a Hybrid Approach to the WAN

More than 46 percent of respondents currently using an SD-WAN solution are deploying a hybrid approach that includes both internet and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connections.

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Others Are Taking Sides

Almost 23 percent of respondents said they are using only the internet in their SD-WAN deployments, while 20.8 percent are using only MPLS.

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Many Want to Ditch MPLS

Almost three-quarters of respondents—72 percent—said they would be interested in tearing out and replacing MPLS for SD-WAN with broadband connectivity. Another 24 percent wouldn't consider MPLS alternatives today, but would re-evaluate it in the next five years.

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Just Wanting to Get Along

The two biggest desires for the respondents interested in SD-WAN was ensuring compatibility with other WAN technologies and efficiently allowing load sharing of traffic across multiple WANs.

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