PRTG Network Monitor Aims to Simplify Connected Device, IoT Management

By Frank Ohlhorst  |  Posted 2016-06-19 Print this article Print
Paessler Network Monitor

What’s more, the interface allows sensors to be grouped and secured, which ensures only authorized network managers can view network and device performance data. The factor allows IT managers to assign certain network monitoring responsibilities to specific individuals. For example, network managers may want to assign only their telecom administrators to monitor and manage VOIP devices.

Of course, network managers can create custom sensors based on protocols or on the results of executables or SSH scripts or other custom actions, which are virtually unlimited. If a network manager can dream up something to monitor, PRTG provides the capabilities to create a custom script to accomplish that.

The massive amount of data collected by the product is readily converted into visual elements in the form of dashboards. Those dashboards offer device views, sunburst views and tabular views of information. They can also be color-coded to highlight specific issues, which speeds troubleshooting, while also providing overall network status at a glance.

PRTG's Proactive Capabilities

Monitoring is only one part of the network management equation. The other part is the ability to promptly act on information. Here, PRTG offers multiple action items that can be driven by alerts. This means administrators can script actions than can run automatically based on what an alert is reporting.

For example, administrators can build escalation points that are based on how long a sensor has not been responding, which means that multiple action items can be driven by a single alert. For instance, if a sensor has failed to report activity for 60 seconds, then PRGT can be configured to send an alert to a network technician about the issue.

If that same sensor has failed for more than 600 seconds, then other managers can also be informed. On the flipside, when the problem has been resolved and the sensor starts reporting properly again, the system can dispatch an alert confirming that the problem is resolved.

Both scheduled and ad hoc reporting capabilities are included with PRTG, allowing administrators to customize the reports to contain information pertinent to the task at hand. For example, PRTG can schedule monthly reports that tally new devices discovered on the network. Or reports can be filtered to cover just a particular group of sensors.

Ad hoc reporting capability allows administrators to report on most any group of sensors and set filters for numerous criteria, which is a handy capability when it comes to planning or troubleshooting.


Altogether PRTG Network Monitor does a lot more than track the performance of networks and connected devices. As network managers delve deeper into the product’s capabilities, they will find much more to it.

The ability to script specific actions and create custom sensors turns PRTG into a viable network management platform for numerous use cases, including managing the forthcoming deluge of new IoT devices running on enterprise networks.

The exponential growth of network services, such as VOIP, means that PRTG may well become the one-stop solution for all small and midsize enterprises' network monitoring needs.

What’s more, the simplicity and ease of use will undoubtedly bring network management capabilities to network managers trying to work in existing environments where reliable performance information is scarce and hard to come by.



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