ShoreTel in Win-Win Situation With Celtics-Nets Game

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2012-11-29 Print this article Print

The Net's Viau Verna said the NBA organization had been looking to make the move from New Jersey into Brooklyn for a while. When the final decision to move was made, the company had to get things set up very quickly. Viau Verna, who contacted M5 before the ShoreTel merger, said the fact that—unlike the Celtics' Wessel—she was dealing with a greenfield situation, where she was moving into a new building rather than trying to deal with an existing structure, made it easier for her to make the move to a cloud environment.

"We needed something that was very simple, that we didn't have to futz with," she told journalists, noting that the small size of her staff was another consideration. "It was the quickness [in the deployment] of the cloud system that convinced us to go with the cloud."

It took about two weeks to lay the lines that were needed for the UC system, Viau Verna told eWEEK. After that, it was only a matter of hours from the time the ShoreTel Sky equipment was received before the cloud was up and running.

The robustness of the system was tested several months later, when Superstorm Sandy hit New York City and New Jersey. While communications at the Nets' New Jersey site—where the team practices—were brought down, the telephones for the Brooklyn facility continued to run, despite reports of widespread outages in the region, including a ShoreTel Sky backup site.

"[The] Brooklyn [Nets' facility] was intact," Viau Verna said. "Brooklyn was fine."

For the record, Brooklyn was fine during the game as well, as the Nets beat up on the Celtics, 95-83.



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