SmartDraw Diagramming Tool Brings Clarity to Complex Network Designs

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SmartDraw Diagramming Tool Brings Clarity to Complex Network Designs

Mapping network designs can go a long way in simplifying increasingly complex network topologies and IoT implementations. Here's a resource to help.

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Getting Started With SmartDraw Cloud

A session with SmartDraw Cloud starts with pointing your browser at and inputting the appropriate credentials.

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SmartDraw Cloud Interface Similar to Desktop Version

The cloud-based GUI is almost indistinguishable from the desktop version, making it simple to move between the different versions of the product. New users will find it easy to get started with the types of diagrams available listed on the left side and available templates displayed in the main editing window.

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File, Options Menu Provide Access to Multiple Tools

Users can open existing drawings, import Visio drawings, access the SmartDraw Cloud and even work with SharePoint. In addition, they can email diagrams and change diagram options from the file menu.

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Creating a Network Diagram

Building a network diagram starts with selecting the Network Design Menu, then selecting a template to work with or starting with one of the prepopulated examples. Selecting a template will populate the drawing area with appropriate libraries and tools to create network maps and diagrams.

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Choosing Additional Symbols

Users can quickly drag and drop objects onto a diagram. If an appropriate object is not displayed on the SmartPanel tool, users can search for additional symbols. The search feature interrogates the image symbol libraries to find a library that contains the objects needed.

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Defining Object Connections

Shapes have multiple connection points, which can be customized to make it easier to join shapes using lines to illustrate connections. The Design menu offers multiple options for changing how shapes are displayed, grouped and connected.

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Creating Visual Representations of Equipment Racks

SmartDraw also includes libraries of vendor-specific devices, which allows users to create complex elements such as IT equipment racks, which then can be populated with the actual representations of the vendor-specific equipment used.

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SmartDraw Supports Detailed Specifications

The symbols used by the product contain vendor-specific details, including measurements and accurate representations of the physical device. What's more, users have the ability to change many of the properties associated with a device.

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Advanced Examples Show the Way

SmartDraw includes numerous examples that can be modified quickly to meet a particular need. The thousands of included examples may prove useful for those looking to put together a diagram quickly.

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It's Not Just for Network Diagrams

Although many users may look to SmartDraw as a network diagram tool, the product can be used for almost any conceptual or physical process that can be visualized. A good example of that can be found in the product's software design diagrams.

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Use SmartDraw for Office, Building Floor Plans

Users can create office layouts, server room floor plans, warehouses and much more quickly using the included libraries. The drag-and-drop capabilities make it a snap to add or reposition items on a diagram, which also takes into account physical measurements to make sure everything is done to scale.

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Create Many Different Kinds of Charts, Diagrams

One of the unique things about SmartDraw is that it can be used for many varied purposes. The product includes everything from flowcharts to mind maps to logic diagram examples, along with the industry-standard symbols and images that go along with each diagram type.

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