Toktumi Line2 for iPhone Delivers VOIP and SMS over WiFi When AT&T Fails

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Toktumi Line2 for iPhone Delivers VOIP and SMS over WiFi When AT&T Fails

by Andrew Garcia

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Toktumi Line2 offers unlimited VOIP calling and SMS messaging within the United States and Canada for iPhone users. The service provides its own PSTN phone number, or users can port a number from another service.

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Call Networks

Users can select whether Line2 will provide service over WiFi or cellular data networks, selecting which line to be the default for outbound calls.

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I could dial numbers directly from the Line2 dialpad, or I could access the iPhone contact roster to place outbound calls or send SMS messages. I could also toggle whether to place the communication over VOIP or AT&T.

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In Call

With a call placed, I could mute the line, put through to the iPhone speakerphone, put the call on hold, transfer the call to another PSTN extension or add another party to the call.

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After adding a second caller, I can see connection time for each individual call, then merge them together via the Merge Calls button.

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Frequently Called

Line2 tracks previously called contacts to build a roster of frequently called numbers. I could also switch to the contact tab to access the records in the iPhone contact database.

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Message Threads

SMS messaging is threaded, allowing me to quickly drill down into ongoing or previous conversations.

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SMS Conversation

Each SMS conversation within Line2 tracks the time and date of each segment of the conversation.

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