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Top Picks from Interop

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Top Picks from Interop - Woven Systems' 10 Gigabit Ethernet 'mesh'

Woven Systems is doing some pretty innovative things to deal with congestion management and the limitations of the spanning tree protocol. Its new chassis can be combined to provide as many as 4,000

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Top Picks from Interop - Foundry Networks' BigIron RX32

Foundry Networks' BigIron RX32 switch emphasizes big-time performance without an overly huge price tag. One analyst called it 'back to the future' for Foundry. Once again, the company is pushing the en

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Top Picks from Interop - Shunra\s Virtual Enterprise 5.0

The Virtual Enterprise 5.0 network simulation solution from Shunra can help administrators determine the application acceleration products/techniques that will work best for the types of apps they want to a

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Top Picks from Interop - Mazu's sensor for 10G bps networks

Mazu's network behavior detection system can now profile 10G bps networks to provide network managers with insight into problems and potential threats.

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Top Picks from Interop - Network Instruments' GigaStor 10G bps

Network Instruments has managed to shove a 10G bps analyzer and 1.5TB of storage into a luggable box.

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Top Picks from Interop - Ixia's XMV12X

The Ixia XMV12X is a high-performance load module designed for the Ixia XM test chassis. The module enables traffic emulation that is not only stateful, but is also a realistic mix of video, voice and data

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Top Picks from Interop - Xirrus \ 11n Access Point Module

Xirrus presented a new high-speed, high-capacity access point module that meets 802.11n standards. This new module can provide up to 300M bps data rate per radio, and there are up to 12 radios for each acces

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Top Picks from Interop - ... and one Gold Splat for ...

... and one Gold Splat for ...

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Top Picks from Interop - Armarac's Vertiblade

It wouldn't be a good show unless there was something to pan. Armarac's Vertiblade is a wall-mounted racking unit that takes the place of a wiring closet. It looks cool, and the idea is intrigu

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