Vendors Display Performance-Optimization Chops at Interop

Traffic management and load balancing are key among the offerings from small vendors at the IT infrastructure show.

Consolidation in the application performance-optimization space took a different turn this week when networking giant Juniper Networks stepped in to acquire two companies—Peribit in the WAN-optimization space and Redline in the application front-end space.

While the small vendors in the fast-growing $1 billion market have been working to consolidate more performance optimization techniques into their offerings, the acquisition marked a maturation of the market by taking out two of the dozens of independent companies that serve it. The remaining independents, meanwhile, are working overtime to beef up what they have.

One such vendor, Coyote Point Systems Inc., at Interop next week will launch new hardware platforms and the latest release of its Equalizer SI Series traffic-management software with doubled performance and the ability to run more complex rules against traffic.

Coyote Point, the Chevy in the market to F5 Networks Inc.s Cadillac, added to its platform without increasing its more competitive pricing.

"We more than doubled the bandwidth available to us on the CPU, so we can do much more complex rules sets and deploy more features on the same hardware platforms down the road," said Bill Kish, CEO of Coyote Point in Millerton, N.Y.

Version 8 of the traffic management and load balancing software allows the Equalizer SI series to inspect headers on an HTTP connection, define particular sets of servers to handle traffic for different client types, and define different SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols to be accelerated. It also includes several security enhancements and a refined user interface.

In the new enterprise-class E450si, mid-range E350si and entry-level E250si appliances, Coyote Point eliminated disks and replaced them with flash memory.

Other enhancements include beefed-up switching capacity of up to 16 ports; support for up to 8 million concurrent connections at wire-speed; scalable load balancing for an unlimited number of virtual servers and up to 64 servers per cluster; protection against large-scale denial of service attacks; and SSL acceleration for up to 4,000 encrypted transactions per second.

The new Version 8 software and new appliances are available now. They range from $13,700 for a fully loaded Equalizer E450si to $3,995 for an entry-level level E250si appliance.

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Meanwhile, F5 Networks earlier this week announced clientless WAN optimization with its new Big-IP Application Accelerator 3400. The TCP Express feature in F5s Traffic Management Operating System (TM/OS) is a TCP stack that can boost end user performance up to 80 percent and increase bandwidth efficiency by up to four times, according to F5 officials.

F5 also released its new Fast Cache feature, which allows users to define specific caching policies for each business application.

The new Big-IP Application Accelerator 3400 combines F5s acceleration technologies in a single appliance that offloads server processing and integrates with any Layer 4 to Layer 7 traffic management offering.

The new appliance and software features are available now. The Big-IP Application Accelerator is $26,995.

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