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Skype Rushes Update to Fix HTTP Crash Bug

Posted : 2015-06-03

Sending a specific eight-character string causes the Skype client to crash, prompting Microsoft's developers to push out a fix in less than a day. Read More >


IRS Reveals Data Breach, 100,000 Taxpayer Accounts Accessed

Posted : 2015-05-27

Security experts were not surprised about the disclosure of the IRS breach, which they say raises questions about the tax agency's incident response. Read More >


IBM Accents Digital Marketing at Amplify 2015

Posted : 2015-05-18

IBM announced several new design and analytics capabilities as part of IBM Marketing Cloud to enable brands to address the rising complexity marketers face engaging with customers as individuals. Announced at the IBM Amplify 2015 conference in San... Read More >


Group Asks Google to Release More Right to Be Forgotten Info

Posted : 2015-05-14

A team of U.S. and European Internet scholars urges Google to be more transparent in handling requests filed under the EU's Right to Be Forgotten mandate. Read More >


Texts From Mom: IT Pros Pay Homage to Their Mothers

Posted : 2015-05-08

As another Mother's Day quickly approaches, you may be thinking about how your mom helped steer you on the right course. She got you to eat your vegetables, stop listening to that awful music and, of course, was there when you started your career.... Read More >

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