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Google Street View Lets Virtual Visitors Tour More College Campuses

Posted : 2014-08-22

The Google Street View image collection of hundreds of college and university campuses across the United States and around the world is again growing to help prospective students and their parents learn about the schools they are considering for... Read More >


Facebook's App Links Connects Dots Among Siloed Native Apps

Posted : 2014-08-21

Facebook wants to see App Links, an open-source developer tool, go viral into all Websites as soon as possible. Read More >


Microsoft Touts Lumia's Eco-Friendliness

Posted : 2014-08-21

The Nokia Lumia line of candy-colored smartphones has a variety of hues, but each device is green on the inside, according to Microsoft. Read More >


Google Glass Update Includes Improved Contacts List

Posted : 2014-08-21

Glass users will also get more voice command options and other features, including a new currency converter service using Google Now. Read More >


Why the Future of Education Is Open

Posted : 2014-08-21

The CEO of edX explains to LinuxCon attendees how his platform is using open source and big data analytics to change the world of education. Read More >

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