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Four Flaws Expose Critical Network Time-Keeping Servers to Attack

Posted : 2014-12-22

Flaws in a popular program implementing the Network Time Protocol, the software used to synchronize servers across the Internet, have administrators scrambling. Read More >


Microsoft Band Wearable Sold Out Until 2015

Posted : 2014-12-22

Not-so-glad tidings. Buyers hoping to snap up Band—Microsoft's entry into the hot wearable device category—for the holidays are out of luck until 2015. Read More >


Microsoft Pulling the Plug on Office 365 Public Website Service

Posted : 2014-12-22

Microsoft's SMB site-building offering is shutting down, but customers will have two years to move their SharePoint Online Public Websites. Read More >


Why BlackBerry Is Showing Signs of Stability Under CEO John Chen

Posted : 2014-12-22

BlackBerry's most recent quarterly financial report shows the company is still struggling to fight its way out of the mobile business wilderness. But there are signs that BlackBerry is at least more stable than it was a year ago, giving CEO John... Read More >


VeriSign Warns of DNS Security Risks

Posted : 2014-12-22

The CSO of VeriSign discusses his concerns about domain collisions and the risks they entail. Read More >

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