Microsoft Ships Internet Explorer 8 Browser - Page 2

According to a Microsoft fact sheet, here are the ways Internet Explorer 8 makes browsing faster and easier:

- Smart Address Bar. The Smart Address Bar makes it easier for people to locate the sites they want to visit. It does this by efficiently matching what a consumer types into the address bar with titles in their History and Favorites, without duplicates.

- Tab Groups. Tab Groups allow consumers to quickly discern which tabs have related content. Clicking on a link within one tab spawns another; the new tab is placed next to the originating tab, and both tabs are marked with a color.

- Redesigned "New Tab" Page. The "New Tab" Page in Internet Explorer 8 has been redesigned to allow people to perform common tasks by clicking on links on the page.

- Reopen Last Browsing Session. For those who accidentally close the browser or experience a crash, Internet Explorer 8 enables people to reopen their last browsing session from the most recently closed instance of Internet Explorer 8.

- Enhanced Find On Page. Find On Page functionality has been enhanced to improve how consumers search for text on Web pages.

- Find On Page. Find On Page now appears as a tool bar activated by pressing Ctrl-F or choosing Find On Page from the Edit menu or Instant Search Box. The tool bar appears below the user's tab so it doesn't obscure any of the text on the page.

- Result count. The enhanced Find On Page functionality shows how many places the search text appears on the page.

- Result highlighting. The enhanced Find On Page functionality makes it so users can locate an item at a glance, since it highlights all places on the page where the search text appears.

Features that improve IT network management and deployment include:

- Slipstream installation. This enables the deployment of Internet Explorer 8 and customizations as part of the Windows Vista operating system image, eliminating the need to install the browser separately. When Internet Explorer 8 is deployed in this way, it will behave as part of Windows Vista, thereby improving desktop consistency and manageability.

- Simplified Internet Explorer Administration Kit. The Internet Explorer Administration Kit helps IT professionals easily configure deployment settings, and now has Favorites customization and the ability to import Accelerators.

- Group Policy enhancements. Internet Explorer 8 allows IT administrators to control and configure browser features, including Accelerators and Web Slices, with more than 140 new Group Policy settings in Internet Explorer 8, bringing the total to nearly 1,500-to ease browser deployment, configuration and customization. There are multiple new Group Policy Objects in areas such as Connection limits, InPrivate, Compatibility View and SmartScreen actions.