Apple's New Mac Pro: 10 Reasons to Get Excited About This Hot Desktop

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-06-11 Print this article Print

5. An enterprise workhorse?

In addition to its GPU performance, the Mac Pro has a stellar CPU option. The processor in the Mac Pro is up to two times faster than the processor in the currently available desktop model, and provides up to 12 cores, depending on the customer’s choice. For enterprise users looking for the kind of power that notebooks and tablets won’t deliver, the Mac Pro appears to be an enterprise workhorse.

6. Tons and tons of displays will be supported

Thanks to Thunderbolt, the new Mac Pro will support a long list of displays. As noted, up to 36 devices can be connected to the Thunderbolt ports through daisy-chaining. Plus, with the high-end graphics card, it’s possible to run three 4K monitors with the computer. Professionals who need extra displays will find a home for them on the Mac Pro.

7. Mavericks will run like a breeze

Although Mavericks is capable of running on any computer that’s currently compatible with Mountain Lion, the best experience will truly come from the Mac Pro. After all, that’s the product that has the most processing power and the best graphical performance. Mavericks will run like a breeze on the Mac Pro.

8. It’s the latest and greatest wireless

Apple ostensibly believes that the future of wireless is in the 802.11ac standard. And it’s probably right. Realizing that, the company has bundled 802.11ac into the Mac Pro, and also delivers Bluetooth 4.0. In other words, the Mac Pro will be a wireless marvel.

9. It’ll fit just about anywhere

The Mac Pro can be easily situated into any compartment, thanks to its extraordinarily small design. The computer is just 9.9 inches tall, and has a diameter of 6.6 inches. Since it’s so good-looking, it can be placed on the desk and actually look like it belongs there rather than hidden underneath it like another boring old tower PC. Apple’s Mac Pro, in other words, will fit just about anywhere.

10. It’ll be expensivebut it might just justify the price

Apple has yet to announce a price on the Mac Pro, but judging by its features and the fact that the current Mac Pro is so expensive, there’s a very good chance that this computer will break the bank relative to most desktops. But judging by its features and design and its competitiveness against high-end desktops, it might just justify the price far better than other devices out there.

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