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New HP EliteBooks Offer Consumer Feel, Enterprise Features

Posted : 2014-12-02

The EliteBook 1020 and 1020 SE are thin and light, but come with military-grade ruggedness, a range of security features and Intel's new Core M chip. Read More >


Chromebook Popularity in Schools Makes Perfect Sense

Posted : 2014-12-02

Chromebooks cost less than Apple iPads and are packed with features. It's no surprise recent numbers show them pulling ahead of iPads in sales to U.S. schools. Read More >


10 Notebook Models Helping to Support the Current Sales Rebound

Posted : 2014-12-02

Notebook PC sales have been in the doldrums for much of the past four years—since the introduction of the Apple iPad and the resulting worldwide boom in tablet sales. Some industry pundits wondered whether notebook sales would ever rebound if... Read More >


Ex-HP CEO Fiorina Considering 2016 Presidential Run

Posted : 2014-12-01

Carly Fiorina is hoping her business acumen will help her stand out in what promises to be a crowded GOP field of candidates, according to reports. Read More >


Google Chromebooks Outsell iPads in U.S. Schools

Posted : 2014-12-01

Chromebooks from vendors such as Acer, HP, Samsung and Dell edged out iPads in sales to U.S. schools during the third quarter, according to new data from IDC. Read More >

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