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Intel Rebrands Its Low-Power Atom Chips for Mobile Devices

Posted : 2015-02-26

Gone will be the confusing mashups of numbers, replaced by the easier-to-understand and remember Atom x3, x5 and x7 names. Read More >


Superfish Only Adds to PC Users' Sense of Insecurity on the Web

Posted : 2015-02-24

NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite the fretting on social media, Superfish isn't actually malware, but whether it should be pre-installed on the PC you paid good money for is another issue. Read More >


AMD Talks Energy Efficiency, Performance With Carrizo Chip

Posted : 2015-02-23

At the ISSCC, the chip maker said its latest APU offers significant gains in performance-per-watt, energy efficiency and battery life. Read More >


Intel Eyes 10nm Chips as 14nm Hits Market

Posted : 2015-02-23

At the ISSCC show, Intel engineers will talk about the gains made with their 14nm Broadwell chips and that Moore's Law will continue through 7nm. Read More >


Why Asus Zenbook UX305 Catches Eyes in Crowded Enterprise Market

Posted : 2015-02-23

Since the Asus Zenbook UX305 was unveiled at the IFA consumer electronics show in 2014, the lightweight notebook has attracted the interest of enterprise customers as much for its affordable price as its thin, ultraportable design. But if PC... Read More >

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