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Why the Mysterious Process of 3D Printing Could Enable Big Business

Posted : 2015-03-20

Most people still don't get 3D printing. They don't understand how a physical form can be created right before one's eyes inside a small glass-walled box using whatever magic happens inside that desktop device. This is not a new manufacturing... Read More >


Nvidia CEO Wraps New GPU, Development Boards in Deep Learning

Posted : 2015-03-17

At the GPU Conference, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveils Titan X GPU, deep-learning development tools, a board for auto makers and details on upcoming Pascal architecture. Read More >


IDC: PC Shipments Will Slow More Than Expected in 2015

Posted : 2015-03-13

The PC market will struggle in 2015, with IDC saying that global shipments will fall 4.9 percent as Intel cuts Q1 revenue forecasts by $900 million. Read More >


Intel Cuts Q1 Revenue Outlook as Business PC Sales Slow

Posted : 2015-03-12

The world's top chip maker slashes its projection by $900 million, citing slower-than-expected SMB PC refreshes and a challenging economy in Europe. Read More >


10 Features That Make Apple's Ultraslim MacBook a Standout

Posted : 2015-03-12

Apple continues to push the boundaries of its Mac notebook line by introducing its thinnest model yet of the iconic MacBook. The device, which was unveiled at Apple's "Spring Forward" media briefing on March 9, is arguably one of the most attractive... Read More >

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