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Features You'll Find in the Latest MacBook Pro, iMac Updates

Posted : 2015-05-19

The time has finally come for a new line of Macs. Apple on May 19 showcased a new MacBook Pro and iMac that include several new features sure to give the company's already-popular devices a boost going into the summer months. Apple customers have... Read More >


Microsoft: 'Genuine' OS Required for Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Posted : 2015-05-18

Microsoft will allow machines running pirated versions of Windows to upgrade to the latest OS, but there will be no free rides for users of non-genuine versions. Read More >


Microsoft Plans to Offer Various Windows 10 Versions

Posted : 2015-05-16

Continuing its tradition of releasing multiple editions of its OS, Microsoft will offer different Windows 10 editions for device families and uses. Read More >


Moore's Law and Intel Mark Milestones in Tech History

Posted : 2015-05-15

Fifty years ago, Gordon Moore, an engineer with Fairchild Semiconductor, predicted in an electronics trade magazine that the number of transistors in a semiconductor would double every year, which would mean more powerful and less costly chips. That... Read More >


HP Business Channel to Start Selling Sprout PCs This Month

Posted : 2015-05-12

The system, which includes a touch screen, scanner and projector, is getting interest from businesses and educational institutions, officials say. Read More >

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