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HP's Back-to-School Laptops, Hybrids Offer Many Choices, Colors

Posted : 2015-04-28

Hewlett-Packard is getting ready for the back-to-school technology shopping months ahead by rolling out its first round of convertible laptops/tablets and notebooks this spring and summer. Highlighting the new machines are many bright color choices,... Read More >


Met Police Still Running 35,000 Windows XP Systems

Posted : 2015-04-28

London's police service is still heavily dependent upon Windows XP, a year after the end of official support from Microsoft. Read More >


CyberPower Trinity Restores Some Luster to the Prosaic Desktop PC

Posted : 2015-04-24

For a long time, desktop PCs were boring square boxes—plastic towers—hidden away under desks at corporate headquarters and home offices. Only rarely did PC makers come up with a truly innovative design, as Apple did with its iMac G3... Read More >


HP's Back-to-School Laptops, Hybrids Get More Options

Posted : 2015-04-23

The new school-aimed HP notebooks and convertible laptops/tablets will arrive in May and June, with a host of processor and memory choices, as well as lots of vivid color options. Read More >


3D Printing Expo Showcases Printers for Businesses Large and Small

Posted : 2015-04-23

Today's 3D printers range in size from compact desktop units to large commercial machines that allow the creation of large parts and prototypes. While they serve different purposes, they perform similar tasks, laying down layer upon layer of... Read More >

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