Google Should Kill Chrome OS: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-03-21 Print this article Print

5. Too much competition is never a good thing

Looking around the software space, there might be too much competition for Chrome OS. Both Apple and Microsoft are delivering software platforms that do much more without cloud interference. On the hardware front, there are better, thinner and more affordable devices available that trump Chromebooks. The competition is too heavy for Chrome OS.

6. Been there, done that

The idea of a thin client being used as an operating system replacement is certainly nothing new. In fact, it has been tried time and again over the last couple of decades. Yet all of these efforts failed. When will Google realize that Chrome OS is just another in a long line of failures?

7. Google has been trying hard

Let’s not sit here and say that Google hasn’t tried to get Chrome OS off the ground. The company has for the last year or so been working diligently at improving the market recognition of Chrome OS while improving its feature set to attract more customers. If Google wasn’t trying, it’d be easier to say it should keep going. But for now, it doesn’t make much sense.

8. Niche markets don’t seem to care

The best chance of success for Chrome OS is the enterprise and education markets. But there’s one problem: those markets don’t appear to care one bit about Chrome OS or any of the features in it. Google did a bad job of attracting the enterprise to Chrome OS, which is now sitting dead in the water because of it.

9. The Linux community is apathetic

The allure of Chrome OS at launch was that it was open source and would appeal to Linux users. The trouble is Linux users aren’t spending much time trying to improve the operating system. In fact, Android and other Linux distributions appear to be the centerpiece of their focus. If Google doesn’t want to kill Chrome OS, it better hope the Linux and open-source communities start paying more attention.

10. Windows is still very much a necessity

Windows is still a huge necessity in today’s operating-system market. In fact, the software is relied upon by consumers and enterprise users, government workers and educators. Google tried to bite off more than it could chew by taking on Windows. Now, Chrome OS is going nowhere unless Google makes the merciful move and kills it off.

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