HP’s New Pavilions Bring Style, Productivity to All-in-One Desktops

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HP’s New Pavilions Bring Style, Productivity to All-in-One Desktops

HP’s Pavilion line isn’t known for delivering industry-leading power. Rather, it’s a trendsetter for HP, allowing the company to deliver decent features at a price that both consumers and corporate users on a budget find appealing. HP once again illustrated that balance between features and price July 25, when it released two new Pavilion all-in-one desktops. The computers come with ample power from their Intel Core i7 processors and include nifty features that enhance privacy. But they ultimately stand out because they offer compelling designs that put front and center what you need to get work done. This slide show will highlight the features that could make these new desktops worth a closer look.

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HP Pavilions Come With Multiple Screen Options

The new HP Pavilions come in different screen sizes. Customers can choose between 23.8- and 27-inch versions, and full-HD or quad-HD for higher resolution.

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Screen Position Is Adjustable

There’s more to the display than meets the eye. The screen is adjustable, allowing it to be tilted between -5 degrees and +35 degrees on its axis, and the display, which sits on a die-cast aluminum frame, can display up to 8 million pixels and be touch-enabled depending on the customer’s choice.

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The New Models Have Different Desktop Footprints

The new HP Pavilion all-in-one machines come with different designs. One features a rather large black bezel around the screen, making it notably larger than its alternative, which has an exceedingly thin bezel around the display. That design allows HP to reduce its footprint without sacrificing screen size.

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Intel Core i7 CPUs Deliver Plenty of Power

The HP Pavilions should do a fine job of delivering power. They run on Intel’s seventh-generation Core processors, including the Intel Core i7. HP did not, however, disclose their clock speeds. Customers can configure the computers with up to 16GB of RAM.

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These Desktops Have Plenty of Ports

HP’s Pavilions come with several ports on the back of the machine to extend their usability. There is one USB-C port and two USB 3.0 ports, as well as two USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI-in and one HDMI-out. A 3-in-1 media card slot is also on the back.

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Built-in Webcams Can Be Tucked Away for Privacy

In a nod to privacy and security, HP has included an important feature in the Pavilion all-in-ones. The devices come with webcams built-in that can be tucked behind the computers when not in use. The feature can sidestep privacy concerns of hackers spying on unsuspecting victims. Users also can add an IR camera for Windows Hello support to further bolster their security.

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There Are Some Configuration Choices, of Course

HP’s Pavilions come with several additional configuration choices. The desktops can be configured with up to 16GB of RAM. Users also can choose from different solid-state drive storage spaces, and can boost graphics performance by opting for the AMD Radeon 530 chip.

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HP Touts Audio Features

HP Pavilions feature front-facing speakers that have been custom-tuned by B&O Play a division of speaker designers Bank & Olufsen to deliver high-quality audio. The speakers are covered by a fabric that HP says improves acoustics. The Pavilions should deliver great sound overall.

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These Pavilions Are Almost Entirely Wireless

HP has redesigned and improved its wireless keyboard and mouse to boost desktop efficiency. The Pavilions come with WiFi and Bluetooth support, making them ideal options for those who want constant wireless connectivity. The all-in-one, however, still needs to be plugged into the wall.

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HP Says Pricing Will Start at $750

HP hasn’t revealed the full price structure for these new models. Prices will start at $750 and increase as buyers add options. HP also hasn’t revealed when customers can start ordering them on its web site.

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