Intel Pushes Rezence, WiGig for Wireless PC Experience

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Intel Skaugen

Systems OEMs—from Dell and Lenovo to Acer and Asus—also are supporting the Rezence standard, Skaugen said. He showed off wireless charging covers that will be available for mobile phones starting in the first quarter of next year and for tablets later in the first half of 2015.

Officials with Emirates airlines said during IDF that the company is embracing the Rezence standard.

"The biggest challenge will be to get the charging mat technology into all those offices, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, airline clubs, and airlines," Moor's Moorhead wrote. "Intel has demonstrated they can successfully do this, just like they did by propagating WiFi with their multi-billion dollar Centrino marketing effort."

Intel is looking to the WiGig standard for connecting PCs to peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers and external hard drives. WiGig is 10 times faster than 802.11n WiFi, and will begin appearing in systems powered by Intel's Core M and Core M vPro chips—which were recently launched after about a six-month delay—by mid-2015, Skaugen said. Skylake is the next-generation chip after Core M.

Intel envisions a time when users can walk into a room and set their PC down, and the device will automatically wirelessly link with whatever peripherals are in the room.

Intel also is pushing its WiDi technology for connecting PCs to larger displays, again enabling the system to automatically search for and connect to WiDi-enabled monitors. Skaugen said the technology is catching on, with more than 300 million WiDi-enabled devices getting into the market by 2016. The chip maker also is partnering with Actiontec to build a small WiDi adapter that will cost about $40.

Intel also demonstrated an LG Electronics 4K television that will come out next year that supports WiDi and can stream HD video to PCs without wires.



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