Microsoft Seeks to Make Amends With Early Windows 10 Preview

By Wayne Rash  |  Posted 2014-10-15 Print this article Print
Windows10 Preview

Once you complete the Windows 10 installation, you'll find that it looks a lot like the desktop interface for Windows 8.1, assuming that you're using the desktop version. The tiled or "Modern" interface still exists, and if you want to bring it to the screen, you can. If you're installing Windows 10 on a touch-screen device, then you'll get that tiled interface installed by default, unless you're upgrading a computer that already boots into the desktop view.

Perhaps of greatest interest, however, is the return of the Start Menu. In addition to the familiar menu items there's a smaller and simplified set of tiles which users can add, remove or modify to suit their needs.

On the left side of your screen you should find that the existing icons from your previous Windows 8.1 installation are preserved. If you performed an in-place upgrade from Windows 7, you may find that you need to reinstall some of your applications before they show up. However, your data is preserved.

In addition to the icons that you already had on your screen, you see a new one titled "Welcome to Tech Preview," which will give you some tips about the new features in Windows 10, along with details about how to use them. The task bar along the bottom of the screen displays several new features, including a search icon and a task view icon.

Clicking the search icon lets you search on both the computer and on the Internet at the same time. The task view shows you the virtual desktops that you've created so you can switch easily between them and you can see reduced images of all of your open applications, which makes it easy to switch from one app to the next.

You can open different applications on different virtual desktops. This way you might create a desktop for one aspect of your job, such as network management or budgeting, while on another you have unrelated functions such as email. You might even want to create a desktop for games or personal applications.

Also on the task bar is an icon for the Microsoft Store. Previously that was only available on the Modern interface. Now those apps in the Microsoft Store can run in either interface on Windows 10. In the desktop mode they simply run inside windows just like any other application.

Right now Windows 10 works pretty well considering its preview nature. Some things don't work, some things have weird glitches and some apps don't run. This is to be expected. But overall, the Windows 10 Tech Preview version works surprisingly well. It will change over time as Microsoft adds features and makes changes. But it will give you a good platform to determine how to fit the new Windows into your business and enterprise requirements.


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