New File System Biggest Improvement to Apple's macOS High Sierra

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New File System Biggest Improvement to Apple's macOS High Sierra

Apple’s desktop operating system macOS is getting an update. But arguably the most important feature in that update is what’s running in the background with the operating system. At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple announced it will release macOS High Sierra as a free update this fall. While the operating system will come with some improvements, including a streamlined design and some tweaks to its core apps, it’s also getting a new file system that Apple says will make it more responsive—and reliable—for Mac users. The update will complement other functionality upgrades, including improved video support and enhanced graphics performance. This slide show will describe the important improvements in the macOS High Sierra update.

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It's the First New Mac File System in Decades

Apple macOS High Sierra will include Apple File System. It’s the first new file system in decades from Apple, which claims it is far more responsive and more secure, and will crash less often than its predecessor.

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HEVC Becomes the New Video Standard

macOS High Sierra will support High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). The video standard is designed for 4K resolution and can compress video up to 40 percent more than its predecessor, H.264. Apple says HEVC will allow for higher-resolution videos that will take up less space on Macs.

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Metal 2 Boosts Graphics Performance

Apple introduced Metal 2 to improve graphics performance on the Mac. The technology, which is built directly into macOS High Sierra, enhances graphics performance and efficiency to ensure the Mac works better with video games, streaming videos and more.

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This macOS is Optimized for Virtual Reality

macOS High Sierra is the first operating system from Apple optimized for virtual reality, so users can have better virtual-reality experiences through headsets such as the HTC Vive VR. It also will allow for easier creation of virtual-reality content using Final Cut Pro X or other apps.

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Photos App Is Now Easier to Use

Apple has made some big improvements to High Sierra’s Photos app, including a streamlined redesign to help users more easily find photos and albums. It also comes with deeper support for third-party apps, and Apple says it’s using advanced machine learning to help the software accurately identify people’s faces in the app.

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There Are Some New Safari Privacy Features

Safari, High Sierra’s built-in browser, includes a host of security enhancements, such as the ability to stop sites from tracking user behavior and serving ads based on a person’s browser history. Also, autoplay videos are being turned off in Safari. In addition, Apple says Safari has been improved for speed.

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Expect Some Siri Enhancements, Of Course

Each year, Apple improves its virtual assistant Siri, and this year is no different. Siri now has a more natural voice and can more easily understand user queries, according to the company. It also can handle a broader array of queries for built-in apps such as Apple Music.

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It Will Be Easier to Share Content Through iCloud Drive

In macOS High Sierra, Apple has made it easier to share content with others through iCloud Drive, the cloud-based storage service. Users simply choose a file and can opt to share it with anyone, regardless of the operating system they’re on. The recipient will then receive a link to access the file.

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Apple Mail Gets Much-Needed Mail Improvements

Apple Mail is now much smarter than previous versions. In addition to a boost in speed, Mail features a more refined search so users will find the most relevant content. Search also will learn from user searching behavior and deliver better results over time.

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Here's How to Get It

The new macOS High Sierra will be available as a free download to Mac users this fall. Those who want to try it out now can join Apple’s public beta program and download it. The public beta version could have some bugs, though, so users should take caution before downloading the operating system.

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