Nvidia CEO Wraps New GPU, Development Boards in Deep Learning

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Nvidia CEO

The systems will be built one at a time, and those interested can go to the Nvidia website and essentially apply to get one.

Nvidia also is offering another platform, the Drive PX, for car makers looking to build self-driving cars. It will be available in May for $10,000 and is powered by two of the company's Tegra X1 chips. Nvidia officials first talked about the platform at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

Huang said the development platform will be a complement to the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are found in cars now . ADAS works to warns drivers when their car is drifting into another lane or stops the car automatically before it hits another car.

The next generation of ADAS will include technology—both hardware and software that can be updated via the cloud—that will essentially enable cars to learn from their experiences. The Drive PX platform "will augment ADAS software with deep-learning networks," Huang said.

The platform is another example of Nvidia's transition away from just being a chip maker to being a solutions provider, according to Danny Shapiro, senior director of Nvidia's automotive business.

"It's not just computers," Shapiro said during an question-and-answer session after the keynote. "It's the complete system."

Huang also took a look at the road map for Pascal, a new architecture due in 2016 that will bring three new features—mixed precision performance, three-dimensional memory and NVLink—that enable Pascal to offer 10 times the performance of the current Maxwell architecture.

Mixed precision capabilities will lead to better performance, while 3D memory increases bandwidth, according to the company. In Pascal's case, it brings it up to about 750 Gb/s, more than double the 350 Gb/s in GPUs now, according to Huang. NVLink greatly increases the number of GPUs that can be linked together, from four to 64. Having the three features is important, he said.

"Getting more bandwidth is easy," Huang said. "Getting more capacity is easy. Getting more capacity and more bandwidth is really, really hard."


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