Samsung’s High End Notebook Odyssey Designed With Gamers in Mind

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Samsung’s High End Notebook Odyssey Designed With Gamers in Mind

Samsung's Notebook Odyssey is designed for gamers and other PC buyers who crave processing power from the latest Intel Core processors and who want to work with a large screen.

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Buyers Can Choose Between Two High-End Display Options

Both Notebook Odyssey models will deliver outstanding visuals. The first will feature a 15.6-inch display with a full-HD resolution. The other comes in at a whopping 17.3 inches and similarly offers a full-HD resolution. Both notebook display options offer wide viewing angles and have anti-glare technology for use in direct bright environments.

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Intel Core i7 Processor Is Available for Both Models

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey models will both ship with up to an Intel Core i7 processor, according to Samsung. While Samsung didn’t provide too many details on exactly which Intel Core processors the notebook will offer, it said in a statement that the computer will offer “lightning-fast performance” to ensure it matches other high-end laptops.

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Graphics and Memory Are Top-Notch

The 15.6-inch Notebook Odyssey will come with the Nvidia GTX1050 graphics chip with up to 4GB of memory. In addition, users will be able to configure the machine with up to 32GB of RAM, which should combine to let it work quite well with resource-intensive apps. The 17-inch model will offer up to 64GB of memory, though Samsung hasn’t yet said which graphics chip it will have.

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Buyers Can Pick From Several Storage Options

The sheer number of storage options available in the Notebook Odyssey is staggering. In the smaller model, users will be offered dual storage, allowing them to choose both a solid-state drive and hard drive. Storage options top out at 256GB for a solid-state drive and 1TB on the hard drive. The bigger model offers triple storage, letting users get two solid-state drives up to 512GB and complement those with a 1TB hard drive.

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Both Models Are Fairly Hefty

Although the Notebook Odyssey is big, it won’t be too difficult to lug around, Samsung says. But it might only be half right. The 15.6-inch model is less than one inch at its thickest point but weighs a whopping 5.6 pounds. The 17.3-inch option is similarly thin at 1.4 inches thick, but weighs more than eight pounds. So while it might be somewhat thin for its size, it’ll weigh heavily on user backs.

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It's an Entertainment Focused Windows 10 PC

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey is a Windows 10 machine that comes with several entertainment-focused features, including Xbox Anywhere, which lets you play games on both their computer and the Xbox One. Samsung was also quick to note that the device’s internal components will make it easy for sophisticated users to employ high-end Windows apps without trouble.

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Open the Box to Upgrade Storage Drives, Memory

Many notebooks aren't upgradable, but the Notebook Odyssey is different. The device comes with what Samsung calls a HexaFlow vent that moves heat out of the system. However, it can also be removed from the computer to reveal both storage and memory space. Users can then plug in new storage drives and memory and upgrade their machines.

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Pick the Keyboard You're Most Comfortable With

Both Notebook Odyssey versions come with interesting keyboard technologies, including “volcano keycaps” and “crater keycaps.” Regardless of the name, the features mean both computers will offer an easier and more comfortable typing experience. In addition, users can customize the backlit key color on the 17.3-inch model to make it easier to find important keys that are used often in certain apps.

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There Are the Usual Application Bundles

Samsung is shipping the Notebook Odyssey with several “exclusive software solutions,” including a feature that will let users share files in a peer-to-peer setting with other devices like smartphones. Users will also find apps called PC Message and PC Gallery so they can share files, messages, and photos with others.

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Samsung Needs to Answer Some Questions

While Samsung says that it will announce more details on its Notebook Odyssey in the Spring, there are still several questions. For one, Samsung hasn’t announced pricing or availability. And there’s still that nagging question of which graphics chip the 17.3-inch model will ship with. It also would be nice if Samsung announces Intel Core processor options. But even without those details, the Notebook Odyssey looks interesting.

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