Now's the Time to Buy an Apple MacBook Pro: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2014-07-31 Print this article Print

Apple on July 29 announced an update to its MacBook Pro line. From the low-end 13-inch model to the higher-end 15-inch version, the device line, which is one of the most popular on the market, has to look even more attractive to customers looking to buy a notebook. The new MacBook Pro 13-inch model is $100 cheaper, which makes it more affordable to those on a budget. In addition, Apple has boosted its processor speeds and improved the MacBook line's memory capacity. Apple has promised that the improved computers, which didn't actually get a cosmetic facelift, will deliver better performance than ever before and will, ultimately, become a much better option for customers looking for both mobility options and higher-end devices like the 15-inch MacBook Pro with the Retina display. Whether it's time to buy a MacBook Pro, however, is up for debate among some consumers and enterprise users. After all, several notebooks are available now that are quite attractive. With Chromebooks continuing to increase in popularity, some may not view the MacBook Pro as a desirable buy right now. However, the truth is that with the MacBook Pro's new features, now is the time to buy one.

  • Now's the Time to Buy an Apple MacBook Pro: 10 Reasons Why

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - Now's the Time to Buy an Apple MacBook Pro: 10 Reasons Why
  • Prices Have Never Been Better

    Apple announced on July 29 that it has reduced the price on its entry-level MacBook Pros by $100. Customers who now want to get a 13-inch entry-level MacBook Pro can do so for $1,099. While that's far more expensive than entry-level notebooks from Dell and HP, it's a great price for a Mac and something that should make folks want more.
    2 - Prices Have Never Been Better
  • Who Can Argue With More Power?

    There's nothing but more power in the MacBook Pro. Customers looking for the 13-inch model can get a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor up to 2.8GHz with Turbo Boost to 3.3GHz. On the 15-inch side, Turbo Boost speeds can reach as high as 4GHz with the Intel Core i7. Better yet, the MacBook Pro now comes with up to 16GB of memory. For power-seekers, the MacBook Pro is better than ever.
    3 - Who Can Argue With More Power?
  • The Retina Display Is Still a Beauty

    Although Apple didn't make any changes to the Retina display, the company doesn't need to do so. The Retina display still provides high-fidelity displays and looks beautiful when showing video and gaming content. The Retina display has long been a popular feature in the MacBook Pro, and it will stay that way with this latest generation of computers.
    4 - The Retina Display Is Still a Beauty
  • Apple Fans Will Love the Integration

    Apple fans will absolutely adore the integration between Apple's computer and the many software services it provides. Out of the box, customers who already like software like iMovie, Mail or Safari on iOS will find nice versions of the platforms on their new MacBook Pros. Apple has also done a fine job of integrating iMessage and Facetime, making the link between iOS and OS X even stronger.
    5 - Apple Fans Will Love the Integration
  • Make the Choice to Be an Early OS Adopter

    Making the decision to buy now is a good one for those who aren't keen on being early OS adopters. When new operating systems launch, they tend to come with bugs. Apple is planning to launch OS X Yosemite this fall, and will automatically install the operating system on all Macs starting with that launch. Rather than be forced to use Yosemite, it might be a good idea for customers to buy a MacBook Pro now, see what kind of bugs Yosemite has and decide later this year if they even want to use the operating system.
    6 - Make the Choice to Be an Early OS Adopter
  • Chromebooks Still Need to Be Baked

    Arguably, the biggest competitors to MacBook Pros at the moment are Chromebooks. The devices are coming on strong in the market, and actually accounted for a third of the commercial channel notebook market in the last quarter. Still, Apple's OS X is far more complete and works better in a computing environment. While Chrome OS is coming on strong, for enterprise users, especially, it might be for some a hard sell compared with the MacBook Pro.
    7 - Chromebooks Still Need to Be Baked
  • iOS and OS X Integration Is Getting Stronger

    When Yosemite launches this fall, the MacBook Pro will be an extension of iOS. The operating system will improve its messaging functions to include Short Message Service (SMS) and will also work with iOS-based devices when calls are placed. In that example, a person will call another's iPhone and that iPhone owner's Mac will also ring. The person has the ability to answer the call on his or her Mac.
    8 - iOS and OS X Integration Is Getting Stronger
  • Nothing Else Is Coming Down the Pike

    Holding out for something major from Apple? Don't hold your breath. While Apple is planning a big update to the iPhone and maybe even the iPad, the company won't launch any more updates to the MacBook Pro this year. So, waiting for something else, like a new form factor, isn't worth it. Just go with the MacBook Pro as-is, and you won't get hurt.
    9 - Nothing Else Is Coming Down the Pike
  • The iPad Isn't a MacBook Pro Replacement

    Trying to choose between the MacBook Pro and the iPad? Don't. While Apple's tablet is nice in its own right, it doesn't come with the same breadth of apps or power to take on the MacBook Pro for productivity-seekers. For the average enterprise customer who wants to be as productive as possible, choosing the MacBook Pro over the iPad seems to make sense.
    10 - The iPad Isn't a MacBook Pro Replacement
  • Don't Expect Another Price Drop

    Toward the end of the year, when new devices ship and the holiday shopping season is in full swing, some companies drop prices on previously released products. Apple isn't one of those companies, and therefore, won't drop the price on its devices later this year. The $1,099 starting price on the MacBook Pro is staying there.
    11 - Don't Expect Another Price Drop

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