Xbox Remains an Important Microsoft Moneymaker: 10 Reasons Why

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Microsoft recently showed off the next generation of its console, called the Xbox One. The device, which will be the follow-up to the Xbox 360 and the key component in Microsoft's consumer and entertainment strategy for the next several years, promises vastly superior graphical capabilities, online play, a full list of entertainment features and a wide array of other options. By all accounts, the Xbox One is a major step up over the Xbox 360 and all other consoles currently on the market. Microsoft hasn't been very forthcoming when it comes to the Xbox One's functions. But the device's features hint at the company's focus on the personal entertainment field and where the software giant is headed into the next several years. Although Windows and Office are still extremely important enterprise products for Microsoft, the Xbox One might just prove to be the most innovative product the software company has launched in years. Xbox has been an important moneymaker for Microsoft, and it's clear from this new generation that Microsoft intends to keep it that way for years to come. Take a look at the eWEEK slide show to learn more about the Xbox One and how important it is to Microsoft's business strategy.

  • Xbox Remains an Important Microsoft Moneymaker: 10 Reasons Why

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - Xbox Remains an Important Microsoft Moneymaker: 10 Reasons Why
  • It Proves Microsoft Understands Consumers

    One of the most important things to understand about Microsoft's Xbox One is that it appears to tap into consumers' many desires for an entertainment device. Delivering a variety of entertainment options with the ability to search the Web and control features through gestures, the device has all of the bases covered.
    2 - It Proves Microsoft Understands Consumers
  • It's All About Entertainment

    Microsoft is maintaining a laser focus on entertainment with the Xbox One. The device is capable of streaming television channels and can also provide access to a variety of movie services, like Netflix. Microsoft has finally realized that there's money to be made in entertainment.
    3 - It's All About Entertainment
  • Kinect Is Truly Cross-Platform

    Although Kinect, Microsoft's motion-sensing input device, made its debut on the Xbox, the new and improved sensor is also expected to be a cross-platform product. The sensor will ship first with the Xbox One later this year. But it will also ship to Windows 8 users next year, according to reports. Expect Kinect to play a key role in Microsoft's product strategies.
    4 - Kinect Is Truly Cross-Platform
  • Bring On Skype

    Now that Microsoft owns Skype, it's no surprise that the company is doing everything it can to increase its usage. With the Xbox One, users will be able to connect to Skype and hold full video conferencing calls from the device. It's an obvious inclusion, but a nice one, nonetheless.
    5 - Bring On Skype
  • It's an Extension of Windows 8

    One of the most interesting things about the Xbox One is that its interface is designed to look and feel like Windows 8. What that means is that the console is essentially an extension of Windows 8 and will likely be treated as such for the entire duration.
    6 - It's an Extension of Windows 8
  • It's a Computer In and of Itself

    Not surprisingly, given the Windows 8 interface and the Xbox One's always-on connection, the device is designed to act like a computer. The console comes with a Web browser, users can store data on the device, and it does everything from playing video to gaming. Sounds like a computer to me.
    7 - It's a Computer In and of Itself
  • Microsoft Wants It to Sit Atop Other Services

    Microsoft has made the interesting move of making the Xbox One sit on top of televisions. In other words, the device is capable of providing television network listings and other information while it's on. Microsoft has decided that it wants to have a prominent place in the living room entertainment center. And it's doing so with the Xbox One.
    8 - Microsoft Wants It to Sit Atop Other Services
  • The Online Gaming Craze Is Huge

    Looking around the gaming industry, it's clear that the online-playing craze has hit an all-time high. So, it's no surprise that Microsoft is once again ramping up its online efforts with a new and improved Xbox Live. The offering will include game playing, of course, but will also feature the ability to sell used games and more. It'll be a nice update.
    9 - The Online Gaming Craze Is Huge
  • An End to Physical Media in Sight?

    The end to physical media has been bandied about for years, but it's quite possible that it could finally happen with Microsoft's full weight behind the move. The Xbox One will allow users to buy digital versions of games. Those who buy physical disks will be required to download the title to the console and never need the disk again. It appears Microsoft is determined to complete the move to a diskless world.
    10 - An End to Physical Media in Sight?
  • It's an Online World

    Although Microsoft has provided few details on what this means for consumers, the Xbox One will always—always—be connected to the Internet. That, of course, opens a world of possibilities (and perhaps security concerns) to consumers, and could mean that Microsoft has once again acknowledged that a completely offline environment is all but dead.
    11 - It's an Online World

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