Why Microsoft Is Likely to Introduce New Surface Models in October

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Why Microsoft Is Likely to Introduce New Surface Models in October

Microsoft is planning its next Future Decoded developer event in the London at the end of October, where it’s expected the company will unveil new Surface PC models.  Microsoft confirmed in a news report Sept. 6 on The Verge website that Surface chief Panos Panay will give a keynote address at the Future Decoded event Oct. 31. The Verge also reported that Microsoft will unveil at least one new Surface PC model during Panay's keynote. But most industry watchers say the device will be just the first of several Microsoft announcements. There’s a good chance Microsoft and its OEM partners will bring new computers to the stage at the event. Read on to learn more about Microsoft’s October Surface event.

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Making the Surface Argument

Look for Surface chief Panos Panay to detail why Surface has an opportunity to gain new corporate and consumer market share.  A recent Spiceworks study found corporate customers plan to spend more on tablets in 2018 than they did in 2017. That suggests fall will be an auspicious time to introduce new Surface models.

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The Long-Awaited Surface Pro LTE

Microsoft previously hinted at a new Surface Pro tablet that would have LTE connectivity. But that device hasn’t been announced yet. It’s widely expected that Microsoft will showcase the model at its October press event and make it available to customers in November, ahead of the holiday season.

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Is a New Surface Book in the Works?

Microsoft’s popular two-in-one Surface Book hybrid seems poised for an update and Future Decoded would be a good venue to show it off. The Surface Book update is rumored to include a boost to its processing power and design enhancements to make it more portable.

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Surface Hub Due for an Update

Updates to the expensive, corporate-focused Surface Hub whiteboard computer also are rumored. Like the other Surface devices, the Surface Hub could get a performance boost from Intel’s eighth-generation Core processors. But it's fair to assume that it will remain the most expensive unit in the Surface lineup, with a current starting price in excess of $8,000.

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Third-Party Windows 10 OEMs May Share the Stage

Expect Microsoft to invite some of its Windows 10 OEMs such as Lenovo, HP and Dell to take the stage to talk about their latest models ahead of the holiday season. Microsoft likes to maintain good relations with OEM partners, even as it competes with them now.

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There's Talk of an ARM-Based Surface

Microsoft could be working on a Surface that runs on an ARM-based chip, such as those from Qualcomm. One of Microsoft's first Surface models, introduced in 2012, was based on ARM processors, but was unsuccessful because it couldn't run a full-scale version of Windows. Now there is talk of new ARM-based Surface models that are fully capable of running Windows 10.

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Third-Party Hardware OEMs Are Planning ARM-Based Windows PC

Reports have been swirling about other ARM-based Windows 10 machines from third-party companies such as Dell and other OEMs. Most reports say those devices will be available by the end of the year. This gives Microsoft an opportunity to talk up third-party ARM computers as well as an ARM-equipped Surface unit.

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An Update on Cortana Assistant Makes Sense

With virtual assistants prominent in the news lately, it should surprise no one if Microsoft talks in detail about the updates it’s making with Cortana. Look for Microsoft to discuss how it's enhancing Cortana's artificial intelligence capabilities.

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More Talk About the Amazon Alexa Collaboration

Microsoft and Amazon haven’t revealed all the details about their plans to interconnect the Cortana and Amazon Alexa assistants. The company announced last month that their personal assistants will be able to access each other's features. It would make sense that Microsoft would detail that accord and how users can take advantage of it.

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Will We Hear About Surface Phone?

Microsoft has said it is working on a technology that could revolutionize how we interact with phones. But we're heading into the 2017 fourth quarter of the year and Microsoft has revealed nothing regarding a new Windows-based smartphone. Will Future Decoded be the venue for such an announcement?

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