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HP ZBook 14u

HP ZBooks Deliver High End Features for Enterprise Road Warriors SLIDESHOW

HP's new ZBook 15 and 17 are high-end notebook PCs with the processing power and features to support virtual reality and just about any kind of business application.

Pivot3 Launch of Acuity Takes Hyperconverged Infrastructure to New Level

Acuity's purpose in life is to simplify workload management, using the company's fifth-generation policy-based management engine and comprehensive data services.
HP ZBook

HP Pushes Deeper Into VR With Mobile Workstation, Investments

The world's top PC vendor introduced its first VR-ready mobile workstation, the ZBook 17 G4, and its investment in The VR Fund capital venture effort.

Intel Developer Forum Falls Victim to Chip Maker's Evolution

The chip maker's increasingly diverse market focus leads company officials to retire the popular annual developer conference.
Daily Video 412

Apple Boosts Mac Pro Desktop CPU, Graphics Chip Specifications VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple pumps up Mac Pro desktop CPU, graphic, memory specifications; Google Introduces Fact Check Label on News Stories, Search Results; Skype Translator Now Works With Japanese for Video and Voice Calls; and there's more.
Ethernet data

Next-Gen Data Center Trends That IT Teams Shouldn't Ignore SLIDESHOW

The explosion of data has created a growing need for greater bandwidth in the data center, but without significantly increasing costs. This slide show looks at the major data center trends of 2017.
New Mac Pros

Apple Pumps Up Mac Pro Desktop CPU, Graphic, Memory Specifications

Starting prices for the Mac Pro desktop machines will remain unchanged at $2,999 and $3,999, with the newly-upgraded components.

Microsoft Gives Gamers Early Look at Project Scorpio Next-Gen Console SLIDESHOW

Microsoft has given gamers an earlier look at Project Scorpio, its next generation gaming console that the company is promising will have backward compatibility with the Xbox One.
Mac desktop 2014

10 Features We Want to See in Apple’s New Mac Desktops SLIDESHOW

Apple Mac desktops are long overdue for an update. The usually secretive company effectively acknowledged this by publicly disclosing that it's working on new Mac models. Here are some improvements Apple should include in its updated Macs.

Reality Sets in for Dell EMC with $1.7 Billion Q4 Earnings Loss

The company generated an operating loss of a whopping $3.3 billion for FY 2017, not exactly ideal for anybody--especially investors and potential investors.
Xerox Alta Products

Xerox Debuts 29 New Printers and Multifunction Devices

New Xerox printers and multifunction devices enable companies to use cloud services to connect employees' mobile devices to ConnectKey multifunction printers.
Razer Blade Pro laptop

Razer Builds High-End Desktop Features Into $4,000 Laptop SLIDESHOW

The Razer Blade Pro is packed with graphics, video and audio features for buyers who want the best possible gaming or entertainment experience or can afford a $4,000 PC for work.

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