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Intel Working on Spectre Fix

Intel Says It’s Testing a Fix for Root Cause of Spectre Patch Troubles

NEWS ANALYSIS: Intel says it has discovered the root cause of random processor reboots and updated the list of affected systems, which appears to be nearly all of them.
Windows 10

Microsoft, Lenovo and JP Debut Low-Cost Windows PCs for Education

Lenovo and JP introduce new Windows PCs for the classroom with prices starting at under $200.

Why Edge Computing Market Will Grow 30 Percent by 2022

Increasing numbers of big-data workloads and the rise of real-time computing have slowed production in the cloud; conventional architectures have been unable to meet future demand. Edge computing is coming to the rescue.

Vertiv Expands Thermal IT Management With Acquisition of Energy Labs

Former Emerson Network Power adds air-conditioning capabilities for cloud, colocation providers and commercial and industrial segment.

Gartner, IDC Find Global PC Shipments Declined for Sixth Straight Year SLIDESHOW

Market research companies Gartner and IDC found that weak PC sales continued into the third quarter with Gartner reporting a steep 8 percent year-over-year decline in U.S. PC shipments.
Lenovo Miix 630 Arm PC

Lenovo Helps Usher In Era of Arm-based, Windows 'Always Connected PC'

Using an Arm-based, smartphone-inspired processor from Qualcomm, Lenovo's Miix 630 can last up to 20 hours between charges.

The All-in-One Desktop Lives on at Asus with New Vivo AiO V272, V222 SLIDESHOW

Asus showed off two new all-in-one desktops at CES 2018, the Vivo AiO V272 with a 27-inch multi-touch screen and the smaller Vivo AiO V222 with a “frameless” screen.

CES: 3D Printer Polaroid Goes Back to Future with OneStep 2

Since the days before everybody carried his/her own camera in a smartphone, Polaroid has made its main business that of 3D printing. In fact, the company introduced four new 3D desktop printers at this year’s show.

CES: Enterprises Still Learning Valuable Lessons from Consumer Tech

NEWS ANALYSIS: "Fun" is now becoming "functional." For example, the use of virtual and augmented reality started out as “fun” consumer apps and are now being used in health care, oil and gas exploration and myriad other professional applications.

Opening Up iMac Pro: High-Grade Components That Are Hard to Replace SLIDESHOW

A recent teardown by iFixit finds that there's a lot to like inside Apple's iMac Pro, but if you do want to upgrade, swapping out many of its components is no easy task.

Razer Project Linda Concept Uses Android Smartphone to Power Notebook SLIDESHOW

Razer’s Project Linda is testing whether computer buyers will accept the concept of a notebook PC that gets its processing power from an Android Razer Phone.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 9, 2018

HP Recalls 50K Laptops After Reports of Batteries Catching Fire VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: HP recalls 50,000 laptop models after battery fires and melting incidents; Samsung displaces Intel atop the semiconductor market; Google removes nearly two dozen malware-laden Android apps from Play; and there's more.

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