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Nvidia Titan V

Nvidia's Powerful Titan V GPU Takes Aim at AI on the PC

The company's new Titan V product with its 110 teraflops of performance is designed for scientists and researchers who want to run HPC workloads on their PCs.

Today's Top 10 Windows Laptops According to Consumer Reports SLIDESHOW

Consumer Reports rated many of the best laptops on the market today based on performance, versatility, display quality and more. This slide show looks at 10 of the best laptops included in Consumer Reports rankings.
Intel CPU Flaw

Newly Revealed Flaw in Intel Processors Allows Undetectable Malware

UPDATED NEWS ANALYSIS: Intel’s Management Engine, which runs inside most recent Intel processors, can be hijacked by hackers, who can then gain unlimited access to everything on the device.
HP Arm Notebook PC

'Always Connected' Windows 10 Arm PCs Arriving from HP, Asus

HP and Asus will be among the first to offer "Always Connected PCs" that run Windows 10 on Arm-based processors.

10 Best-Selling Notebooks on Amazon This Holiday Season SLIDESHOW

They may not be the most glamorous PC makers, but budget-conscious online shoppers have put Acer and Asus notebooks on the stop of Amazon's best-seller list.

How HP Has Fared in Six-Plus Years Under CEO Meg Whitman

NEWS ANALYSIS: If one goes strictly by the numbers, which can be manipulated but do not lie, Whitman has had a successful reign in the big chair. The stock values of both HP Enterprise and HP Inc. have improved on her watch.

Taiwan's TSMC Wins 2017 Chip Foundry Market at 55 Percent Share

Semiconductor industry analyst TrendForce reported that the global revenue for semiconductor foundries will reach $57.3 billion in 2017, an increase of 7.1 percent over 2016.

HTC, Huawei Offering Numerous Black Friday Smartphone Deals

The HTC deals, including $400 off the HTC Bolt, are also good through Cyber Monday on Nov. 27.

HP, Lenovo Hold Top Spots in Q3 Report on Most Popular Notebook Brands SLIDESHOW

While PC sales in general remain in the doldrums, market research firm TrendForce reported that notebook sales were fairly lively for the likes of HP, Lenovo and Dell.

IT Science Case Study: How Monash University Moved to OpenStack

Australia's Monash University needed to switch its legacy data center over to using Linux for a networking operating system. The company explains the process in this exclusive case study.

How AMD Wants to Provide ‘Supercomputing for All’

AMD and some of its partners announced the availability of a suite of new, high-performance systems powered by high-end CPUs and GPUs to accelerate the use of supercomputing in smaller data centers.

Micron Unveils New Persistent Memory with 32GB NVDIMM

The new data-processing module is designed to give system designers and original equipment manufacturers a whole new capability to work with larger data sets in fast, persistent memory.

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