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OKI Data Brings Professional-Quality Printing to SMBs

OKI Data Brings Professional-Quality Printing to SMBs SLIDESHOW

OKI Data has introduced two new printer models, but they use neither inkjet nor laser technology. OKI Data Americas is moving beyond technologies in the company's latest color printers aimed at small and midsize businesses (SMBs), namely the C532dn and MC573dn. Instead of depositing ink or...
OKI SMB Printers

OKI Data Kicks Off 2017 With New Color Printers For SMBs

The company launches new color printers that support today's mobile- and cloud-based print workflows for small and medium size businesses.
Windows 10 Upgrades 2

It's Time to Stop Stalling About Upgrading Windows 7 Computers

NEWS ANALYSIS: Mainstream support for Microsoft’s most popular operating system, Windows 7, has already run out and the end of security updates is just three years away.  

FTC Sues Qualcomm, Alleging Patent Antitrust Violations

Litigation claims that Qualcomm used its market dominance in supplying processors used in smartphones to extract elevated royalties for patents.
Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Extends IoT

Raspberry Pi Foundation updates embedded Compute Module with faster ARM processor to help developers and businesses build new IoT devices.
Gartner Predicts Return to Growth for Some IT Market Sectors in 2017

Gartner Predicts Return to Growth for Some IT Market Sectors in 2017 SLIDESHOW

For some sectors of the IT industry 2016 was a difficult year particularly hardware, which struggling with lower sales for years, particularly in the PC market. However, 2017 is looking up for the worldwide IT industry, according to Gartner’s 2017 Worldwide IT Spending Forecast. The research...

PC Shipments Down for Fifth Year; Lower End Problematic

The lower end of the PC market--mainly Asus, which dropped a startling 48.3 percent in shipments--is where the sales slippage has hit the hardest.

HP Unwraps Powerful HP ZBook 15u Mobile Workstation for Professionals

Buyers can choose Intel’s high end Core i5 or i7 processor in a mobile Windows 10 workstation that weighs only 4.18 pounds.
Samsung’s High End Notebook Odyssey Designed With Gamers in Mind

Samsung’s High End Notebook Odyssey Designed With Gamers in Mind SLIDESHOW

In a break from a trend that has seen technology companies invest heavily in low-cost two-in-one hybrids over the past couple of years, Samsung in early January announced a new high-end laptop called the Notebook Odyssey. The Notebook Odyssey is designed for gamers and other PC buyers who crave...
Stages headphones and microphone

How a Consumer Technology Show Turns Professional at Showstoppers SLIDESHOW

LAS VEGAS—Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas becomes less about consumers and more about business technology. Today there are many more products on display in the show’s exhibit halls for business and professional users, and more technological advances in general. This year,...
HP PC Models for 2017

HP's Latest PC Lineup Includes All-in-One Model With Curved Screen

HP Inc is rolling out a super-thin notebook, curved PC monitor and previewed the new the Sprout Pro workstation as part of its 2017 PC model lineup.
Samsung Chromebook Plus

Samsung's Chromebook Leverages Rising Buyer Interest in Chrome OS SLIDESHOW

Chromebooks currently rate as some of the most popular personal computers on Amazon’s list of technology bestsellers. As a result, more hardware makers are introducing laptops and notebooks that run Chrome OS. Samsung is the most recent company, introducing a Chrome OS model with a notebook...

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