Adobe Launches LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2.5

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2010-10-25

Adobe Launches LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2.5

Adobe has delivered a new version of its enterprise toolset, the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2.5.

Adobe made the announcement on Oct. 25 in conjunction with its annual Adobe MAX developer conference in Los Angeles.

New capabilities in LiveCycle ES 2.5 include enterprise mobility for improved multiscreen delivery of applications, an enhanced framework for building enterprise rich Internet applications (RIAs) and real-time collaboration to empower organizations to interact with customers in more meaningful, personal ways, said Sydney Sloan, director of LiveCycle solution and product marketing.

ES 2.5 enables organizations to provide their customers with consistent and contextual experiences across channels and devices according to their customers' own preferences, Sloan said.

"Many enterprise systems were not designed to deliver fluid, intuitive experiences online," said Rob Tarkoff, senior vice president and general manager for the Digital Enterprise Solutions Business Unit at Adobe. "Businesses are losing productivity among customer-facing employees, and customers are frustrated with accessing services. Customers expect to interact with business applications or services in the same way they do when shopping, connecting with colleagues and friends, or booking a vacation. Further, the ability to begin a personalized experience at the desktop and seamlessly continue the task on our mobile devices is imperative.

"Forward-thinking organizations recognize that delivering these consistent experiences across screens to customers is a competitive advantage. With the introduction of LiveCycle ES 2.5 and new solution accelerators, Adobe is enabling businesses to deliver these intuitive experiences that transform the Web into a true online interaction hub for customer acquisition, service and communication."

For organizations with complex multichannel or multidevice customer contact requirements, IT systems are challenged to keep pace with mobile and social customer adoption and meet customer experience expectations, Adobe said. New to the LiveCycle ES 2.5 family is Adobe LiveCycle Mobile ES 2, which extends process management, data capture and content services to mobile devices, providing true enterprise mobility, Sloan said. LiveCycle Mobile ES 2 integrates with back-end systems and enables intuitive mobile experiences for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.

Moreover, organizations can provide more social experiences by creating user-centric RIAs that embed real-time collaboration including chat, voice, video, screen and application sharing to their customers. For the developer, LiveCycle ES 2.5 provides a standard toolset and methodology for design, modeling and development of user-centric enterprise RIAs, Sloan said.

And LiveCycle ES 2.5 enhances a company's ability to improve customer service and operational efficiency by extending existing business processes to the point of customer interaction by leveraging the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Platform and Adobe Reader.

"The South African Revenue Service has a well-known social contract with the public that stipulates we must respond quickly to citizen requests," said Christopher Belford, chief information officer of Interfile for the South African Revenue Service, in a statement. "Using Adobe's solutions, we developed a customer experience that can be used across multiple channels, from print and web portal, to branch/on-demand print and offline. The system makes completing and processing taxes faster and easier. We have not only modernized our processes but have created an intuitive, engaging experience that matches the needs of South African citizens and positions the agency as a leader in tax and revenue collection worldwide."  

Trio of Solution Accelerators


Adobe is also announcing three next-generation Solution Accelerators to reduce development time and increase quality of enterprise applications. 

Adobe is releasing its next generation of Solution Accelerators for organizations that want to improve customer experience quickly. Built on LiveCycle ES 2.5, Solution Accelerators kick-start project planning, decrease development time for production applications, and reduce risk with a supportable and upgradable framework. Solution Accelerators provide best practice methodologies, solution templates and building blocks to extend LiveCycle ES 2.5.

The three Solution Accelerators are:

  • Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator: Enables business users to dynamically create personalized communications using preapproved layouts and content to provide consistent, high-quality customer correspondence such as creating a customized claims letter.
  • Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator: Engages customers through communications that embed the power of personalized RIAs in secure PDF formats, including credit card statements, telecommunications bills and electronic invoices.

Moreover, additional enhancements to Adobe's solutions for customer experience management are planned through Adobe's intent to acquire Day Software, a leader in Web experience management for the enterprise, Sloan said.

The company expects to add dynamic and social Web content management solutions, as well as measurement, analytics and visualization tools, into future versions of LiveCycle, providing a platform to create, deliver and optimize customer experiences. Organizations will be able to easily track and analyze customer behavior and process metrics, enabling them to continually hone and improve applications and processes. Day Software's leading Web solutions, when combined with Adobe's existing enterprise portfolio, will enable enterprises to transform customer experiences.

"The German financial services market is extremely competitive," said Markus Humberg, CEO of impuls Systems GmbH, in a statement. "Only by exceeding our customers' expectations in every interaction is impuls able to keep its position as the market leader. Using Adobe solutions, we were able to implement a fully digital enrollment system that allows agents to meet with potential clients online and guide them through the entire process; customers are able to sign and submit contracts digitally from the comfort of their own homes or from their mobile devices while on the go.

"The solution has yielded terrific results-our online sales meetings have a 90 percent closure rate and are two to three times more effective than in-person meetings. impuls will continue to rely on Adobe solutions to deliver superior customer experiences across screens and devices and streamline our complex processes in order to maintain a competitive edge."

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