Cloudant Delivers NoSQL Database Service for Windows Azure

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2012-06-07

Cloudant announced that its NoSQL database service is now available on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

Microsoft has opened up Windows Azure and is adding infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities to the platform as part of a Microsoft initiative to provide developers with access to a range of cloud technologies from various providers to best serve new, fast-growing Web and mobile applications running on Windows Azure.

Cloudant€™s strategic relationship with Microsoft continues Cloudant€™s own work to bring its database as a service product to public cloud providers and cloud application platforms. Cloudant€™s NoSQL database services are now available to Windows Azure customers. Cloudant will also be integrating its service into the Windows Azure Marketplace.

€œWindows Azure gives developers flexible ways to manage their data and make it quickly available to a new breed of data-driven Web and mobile applications,€ said Jean Paoli, president of Microsoft Open Technologies, in a statement. €œDevelopers using Windows Azure don€™t have to worry about growing their applications to massive scale because Windows Azure scales automatically. Cloudant€™s NoSQL database service on Windows Azure offers developers a great option for offloading data store operations so that they can focus on coding the next big app.€

The Cloudant Data Layer is a managed NoSQL database service for developers of fast-growing Web and mobile apps. With an Apache CouchDB-compatible, RESTful JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) API, built-in MapReduce, data replication and sync, and full-text search, Cloudant enables fast development and distributes data across the global network of Windows Azure data centers for fault-tolerant, low-latency access to users everywhere. Cloudant is operated and scaled by the big data experts at Cloudant, so that users can stay focused on new development, not database administration.

€œApplications deliver a much better user experience if their data is deployed closer to users, versus halfway across the world,€ said Derek Schoettle, CEO of Cloudant, in a statement. €œCloudant€™s ability to distribute data to Windows Azure data centers around the world means we can move dynamic database data as close as possible to the network edge€”even to individual mobile devices. As a result, applications on Windows Azure can grow faster and support new usage models such as disconnected computing with mobile replication and sync.€

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