Developers Rank Google, IBM as Top Cloud Platforms

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2010-07-26

For the second year in a row, Evans Data has ranked Google and IBM as the top cloud computing environments for developers.

Based on the results of a recent Evans Data survey of more than 400 software developers, Google stood out as the favorite public cloud platform and IBM as the preferred private cloud provider-just like last year.

According to Evans Data, more than 40 percent of the developers surveyed said they view Google as the leader for setup, infrastructure and application management in a public cloud, and nearly 30 percent listed IBM as their top choice for a private cloud.

"Most developers expect to be in a hybrid situation going forward with respect to application deployment in the Cloud," said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data, in a statement. "And these two vendors are perceived of as best filling the two main requirements for either public or private clouds; i.e., security and reliability. With no other vendors even close in perceived leadership, it's likely that we'll see IBM and Google dominating the cloudscape for the foreseeable future."

Also, as part of the Evans Data study, developers said they wanted to be able to move applications between public and private clouds. In particular, developers said they wanted to be able to move from the public cloud to the private cloud, Evans Data noted in a press release about the survey the company released at the end of June.

Another highlight of the survey: More than 80 percent of the developers surveyed said they think it is important for cloud providers to give 100 percent backward compatibility as the cloud infrastructure matures. Also, 60 percent of developers surveyed said they are concerned with government geographical restrictions with cloud deployments. And improved data encryption topped developers' wish list as the most sought after security improvement for the public cloud.

A look at the Evans Data report's table of contents is available here.

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