Jtest Eases Development

By Peter Coffee  |  Posted 2005-05-09

Its easy to agree that the world needs more software testing, but its much more difficult to turn that desire into a disciplined and cost-effective process. The wrong kind of testing tool is like an automatic transmission in the hands of a driver with no good maps: It will merely make it easier to take the same long trip to nowhere interesting.

Avoiding that fate during enterprise Java development is clearly the mission of Jtest 6.0, released earlier this year by Parasoft. Major improvements over the previous release include a knowledge base of more than 500 predefined Java development rules, along with a portfolio of aids for tailoring the tool to represent and apply an organizations own development policies and priorities.

The 6.0 update also adds the automatic application of more than 100 security vulnerability rules and performs JavaServer Pages analysis.

Jtest generates and executes libraries of JUnit tests, improving a teams ability to build upon experience instead of approaching every piece of code as a brand-new exercise. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Solaris and Linux versions begin at $3,495 for single-machine licenses.

Go to www.parasoft.com for more information.

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