Mobile Developers Say Collaboration Apps Are No. 1

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2010-06-10

According to the results of a recent survey, mobile developers said they view "collaboration tools, followed by enterprise instant messaging and logistical tools ... as the most important enterprise applications for mobile devices," Evans Data reported June 8. 

Mobile developers surveyed by Evans Data said they believe these types of tools to be "much more important" than social networking or blogging features. Those results came out of Evans Data's latest survey on the subject, the Mobile Development Survey 2010. "This worldwide survey of more than 400 mobile developers is published twice a year," Evans Data said.

"With the emergence of new mobile platforms, the proliferation of more complex mobile devices in the workplace and the rapid growth of mobile applications, the enterprise is under pressure to support the business benefits of mobility directly." Evans Data CEO Janel Garvin said in a statement. "Mobile platforms are already much more than just an adjunct in the enterprise development arena."

The survey also found, "Security is the most important feature when considering platforms to target for mobile applications." Also, "The biggest difficulty for mobile developers is cross-platform testing." Yet, two-thirds of the developers surveyed said they "do not use cross-compilation tools to help port applications between platforms."

The table of contents and sample pages from the survey can be found here.

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