Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c Ready for Developers

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2012-08-02

Oracle has announced the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c, the latest release of its tooling for the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) that introduces new design-time tools for Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF).

Oracle ADF is a standards based, strategic framework for Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle Fusion Middleware, and enhancements for developing secure Web Services. The new Oracle enterprise pack is the first to support Eclipse Juno (3.8 and 4.2) and provides new Java API for X M L Web Services (JAX-WS) design-time features for developers targeting both the Oracle Web Services Manager and Oracle WebLogic Server service security stacks.

As a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is a free set of Eclipse-based plug-ins that enables developers to build Java EE, Web Service, Cloud, Spring and Oracle ADF applications for the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.

€œOracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is driven by its community and that community has asked for more ways to be productive building enterprise-ready applications for Oracle Fusion Middleware,€ said Bill Pataky, vice president of tools and middleware product management at Oracle, in a statement. €œIn this release, we are excited to offer new ADF and Web Services security features that will help Eclipse users be more productive in building applications to the Oracle platforms.€

New Design-Time Tools for Oracle ADF give users an integrated environment with support for developing ADF based applications in conjunction with Enterprise JavaBeans, (EJBs), plain old Java objects (POJOs), JavaServer Faces (JSF) and more. Building on previous ADF design time tools, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse adds new features for the ADF Model making it easy to create ADF Data Controls and ADF Bindings.

New tools and capabilities include Eclipse Debugger enhancements for ADF data controls and bindings including breakpoint support in ADF Page Definitions, and improved iterative development of ADF applications with Oracle WebLogic Server, among a host of other things.. Also Web Service Security for JAX-WS development enables users to develop secure, SOAP-based web services and clients for both the Oracle Web Service and Oracle WebLogic Web Service Security stacks. New capabilities there include support for Oracle Web Services Manager and Oracle WebLogic Web Service Security stacks;  the ability to configure and browse Web Service Policy Store; the ability to add and configure web service policies for Java-based Web Service development; the ability to attach web service policies to web service clients; and the ability to deploy and test against Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.4 and higher, Oracle said.


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