Rational Grows Development Tools Offerings

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2002-06-05

Rational Software Inc. has expanded its suite of software development tools with a new version, a new design system for architects and designers, and a new Java testing capability.

Rational this week released Rational Suite v2002 Release 2, the eighth synchronized release of the suite in less than three and a half years, said Bill Taylor, director of product marketing for the Cupertino, Calif., company. With this release, Rational introduces its Rational XDE Modeler, a new member of the Rational XDE family, and ScriptAssure, a new capability in Rational Suite TestStudio that produces test scripts for Java and Web business applications. The release expands Rationals Extended Development Experience announced in February, Taylor said.

Rational XDE Modeler enables architects and designers to build visual models that combine the Unified Modeling Language with free-form drawing. Rational XDE Modeler runs inside IBMs WebSphere Studio Application Developer, IBM WebSphere Workbench and Microsoft Corp.s Visual Studio .Net, and enables architects, designers and developers to share a common user experience, he said. The Rational XDE Modeler solution "is for architects and designers," Taylor said. "Its for people who are not code-centric."

The Rational Suite provides systems engineers, analysts, developers, testers and project leaders with more than 15 pre-tested, integrated products in eight Rational Suite editions.

Rationals Extended Development Experience provides a frictionless design and development environment by tightly integrating the companys products into IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer and Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, empowering developers to work directly within their IDEs (integrated development environments), Taylor said. With this release, Rational integrates Rational XDE Modeler into these IDEs and integrates Rational Suite TestStudio into the Eclipse-based WebSphere Studio IDE and Rational PurifyPlus into the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net IDE.

For developers of embedded software products, Rational Suite v2002 Release 2 includes a new version of Rational Rose RealTime. And for project team leaders, Rational has included enhancements to Rational ProjectConsole.

Taylor said Rational XDE Professional v2002 Release 2 offers new data modeling, Web publishing, reporting and assisted modeling capabilities. Tying the Rational PurifyPlus v2002 Release 2 run-time analysis product to Visual Studio .Net expands its power, Taylor said. And Rational Rose RealTime v2002 Release 2 provides developers of embedded software with passive state machine code generation capabilities, he said.

Meanwhile, Rational Suite v2002 Release 2 enhances support for testers with ScriptAssure, a capability in Rational Suite TestStudio that produces test scripts for Java and Web business applications. The new version of Rational TestStudio adds Java as a scripting language.

Pricing for Rational Suite v2002 Release 2 starts at $3,995 per license.

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