Readers Respond: FEMAs IE-Only Form: Just What Katrina Victims Dont Need

By eweek  |  Posted 2005-09-26

Thank you for the intelligent article on standards [Jim Rapozas Tech Directions, "High Stakes for Standards," appearing on as "FEMAs IE-Only Form: Just What Katrina Victims Dont Need," Sept. 19].

I am a (mostly) retired software engineer who has been screaming about standards for years. I was beginning to think I was a lone voice in the wilderness.

I have refused to use Web sites that require the use of Internet Explorer, and I advise others to do the same. Some of the Web sites to which I have sent feedback are now using Web standards, so I have begun to use them. Lets hope that others out there are paying attention to your article.

Mike LeBlanc

Rocket Fuel