Rogue Wave Upgrades SourcePro C++

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2002-01-15

Software development tools vendor Rogue Wave Software Inc. on Monday announced enhancements to its key product, including increased support for XML streaming and Web services.

Rogue Wave, of Boulder, Colo., said its SourcePro C++ Edition 3 also features support for new platforms and database clients and builds upon existing XML streaming and Web services-supporting technology the company added in Edition 2 of the product, which was released last September.

SourcePro C++ Edition 3 is an enterprise team development platform that runs on Windows XP Professional, Red Hat Linux 7.1, IBMs AIX 5L v5.1 and Hewlett-Packard Co.s HP-UX 11i. In addition, SourcePro C++ Edition 3 features new database support for Oracle 9i, IBMs DB2 7.2, Sybase 12.5 and Informix 2.7.

Rogue Wave officials said the inclusion of support for both the latest XML schema specification and the Simple Object Access Protocol 1.2 specification enables SourcePro C++ Edition 3 developers using XML to extend their applications with Web services via XML.

"Web services are increasingly used to extend the capabilities of new and existing applications alike," said David Rice, vice president of marketing at Rogue Wave. "With SourcePro C++, developers can easily access these capabilities to improve the versatility of their applications and quickly deliver new benefits to users."

Rogue Wave provides developers with C++ components, along with technical support and services.

The company last week announced that John Floisand, who had been interim CEO since October, was named to the position permanently.

Floisand, who held executive management positions at both Borland Software Corp. and Apple Computer Inc., said his initial focus was on operational issues, including defining how the company would conduct business, and streamlining the process of taking new products from the research phase to market.

Floisand will roll out his vision for the company over the next few weeks, the company said. According to a company release, Floisand said Rogue Wave "will help companies conquer their critical business challenges, including disaster recovery measures and the rapid application development work."

Floisand has been a member of the Rogue Wave board of directors since March 2000, the company said.

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