Serena Simplifies Requirements and Traceability Management

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2005-01-17

Serena Software Inc. is making things easier for users with its updated requirements management solution.

Serenas RTM (Requirements and Traceability Management) Version 5.5, released last week, features a new user interface and a customizable home page that enables business and technical users to specify, analyze and manage requirements for applications under development, said Serena officials in San Mateo, Calif.

RTMs redesigned interface makes it intuitive for business users and IT managers to set and track requirements and ensure the requirements adhere to business goals, said Kathy Wells, Serenas director of product strategy for IT process management.

Without effective requirements management, an applications overall quality and integrity can be adversely affected, given that the development life cycle is governed by the initial requirements defined, according to Melissa Webster, an analyst at IDC, in Framingham, Mass.

Serena focuses on managing change throughout the application life cycle, including change management and configuration management solutions.

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Webster said the companys strategy of integrating requirements management with change management "enhances the entire development process" because it provides visibility into the application development life cycle.

In addition to the new user interface and customizable home page, RTM 5.5 enables users to link objects and manage relationships and to have more control over the relationship between requirements management and change management.

RTM 5.5 is a component of Serenas SAFE (Serena Application Framework for Enterprises) application life-cycle management framework, which is aimed at improving developer productivity, cutting costs and reducing the complexity of development efforts, Wells said.

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