NComputing's X Series Combines Low Cost with Virtualized Thin Client Computing

By Frank Ohlhorst  |  Posted 2009-04-28

Businesses of all sizes are looking to squeeze the most value out of the typical desktop PC, but the question remains, how low can you go? While some businesses may choose to go as low-end as possible to shave a few bucks off a PC, Ncomputing is offering a different way to maximize value. The company has launched its latest in PC-sharing technology, the X series, which allows many users to share a PC, for as little as $70 per seat.

Of course, PC sharing solutions have been around for some time and the basic concept harkens back to the days of mainframes, where multiplexers allowed terminals to share CPU access. Even so, Ncomputing's X series is a lot more than just teaching a new dog an old trick; the product comes in two versions - the X350, which allows four users to share a PC, and the X550, which maxes out at 11 users.

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