Oracle, Sun Deal to Shine on Channel Programs?

By Jessica Davis  |  Posted 2009-04-21

While Oracle's acquisition of Sun my have surprised a lot of people, the instant it was announced it made immediate sense to many. Oracle's and Sun's technologies and other strengths are complementary, not competitive, with each other. Database and applications get an operating system and hardware. The deal combines Oracle's sales-led organization with Sun's engineering focused organization. Not to mention that Sun is just a 20-minute drive down 101 South from its new owner, Oracle-combining two companies within the Silicon Valley venue and culture.

Sun's Solaris is the most common operating system platform for Oracle's database and applications software, according to the companies. And Sun's efforts to win with cloud computing give Oracle something it needs-a competitive play against SAAS (software-as-a-service) application company

Sun's partners will get a strong database and application play that they didn't have before, while Oracle's will get an OS, hardware and other software-plus all of Sun's green, open-source and data center initiatives. Oracle has said that it plans to keep and continue to grow Sun's hardware investments.

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