Rated X!

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-03-12

Has anyone noticed that the letter "X" is getting downright annoying. X-Files, X-Men, X-this and X-that. And if the best things about the XFL are the cheerleaders, what possible benefit is gained by slapping an X in front of another acronym? Thats what the Solution Provider Institute did. The ASP Channel Conference in San Francisco became the xSP Channel Conference.

"The prospect of moving from ASP to xSP (where "x" basically means "fill in the blank") has tons of people jazzed again about the SP model," gushed a recent "xSP World and xSP Channel Tuning" newsletter from the Institute.

Also, the Institute notes, the industry is on the brink of an "xSP Revolution." Stop the presses.

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