Sendside Reinvents Business Communications to Foil Spam, Reduce Carbon Emissions

By Frank Ohlhorst  |  Posted 2009-04-20

Salt Lake City-based Sendside Networks took a close look at how businesses communicate with each other and their customers and came up with a new model, which eliminates multiple e-mails, adds multiple communication paths to a company's Web presence and, at the same time reduces the need for on-site sales calls.

Originally designed for financial markets, Sendside Networks' new platform offers businesses measurable metrics to track how customers are interacting with the company and, more importantly, a unified pathway to help close the deal and build a long-term customer relationship.

Sendside Networks delivers those capabilities with a communications platform that works as a service that aims to combine Web content, audio, video, Flash or existing print collateral and then delivers it as a single multidimensional message, called a package. Those packages allow organizations to prepackage and send important, confidential and complex information to their customer prospects and business partners. 

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