DotCloud Goes GA With Multiple-Stack Cloud Development Platform

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2011-06-28

Platform-as-a-service startup DotCloud has graduated from private beta to general availability status and is now offering its services to developers and IT departments for deploying their applications worldwide.

DotCloud is a second-generation PAAS provider whose secret sauce makes it simpler for developers to deploy and scale their applications while delivering the flexibility and robustness required by  business software.

Developers can mix and match from a large choice of languages, databases, caching and messaging components, leaving them in full control of their IT stack, DotCloud Vice President of Marketing and Community Patrick McGovern told eWEEK.

"DotCloud is a managed service for Web developers," McGovern said. "You can assemble your stack from preconfigured and heavily tested components. We support major application servers, databases and message buses. If we don't support it, ask."

DotCloud takes an open-source approach in that it offers a multistack system; thus, developers can use DotCloud for experimenting and building applications and platforms in at least 12 stacks and databases-including scripts such as Java, Python, Perl and PHP.

Two new additions to DotCloud's service introduced last week at the GigaOm Structure conference in San Francisco involve scalability and availability-two of the most important facets of cloud computing.

DotCloud now offers a feature called Dynamic Scaling, which automatically allocates the ebbs and flows of data traffic to the most available resources within a system, so the load can be processed in the most efficient manner, McGovern said.

The second is straightforwardly called High Availability, which automatically enables applications to span across multiple data centers and availability zones.

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