Alfresco, ParaScale Team Up for Content as a Service in the Cloud

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2009-06-17

Cloud storage startup ParaScale and open-source content management provider Alfresco Software announced June 17 that they have teamed up to produce an integrated cloud-based enterprise content management package that utilizes both companies' software on the same hardware.

The two companies are emphasizing the ability of this new architecture to "scale out" for high-demand workloads, ParaScale said.

"Scale-out" is a relatively recent data center industry buzzword referring to architectures for systems running thousands of servers that are required to scale nearly ad infinitum in order to comfortably handle massive workloads.

ParaScale CEO Sajai Krishnan said the combined package enables IT shops to store and access content in the cloud without adding management overhead or cost, offers easy configuration and setup, and ensures smooth scale-out of capacity.

"This lowers costs both by eliminating a layer of servers to run Alfresco as well as by allowing the usage of commodity-priced storage," Krishnan said. "ParaScale's storage nodes are standard Linux servers, and it took zero effort for Alfresco to bring up their application directly on ParaScale's storage servers."

Content growth-generally estimated by IT researchers at about 60 percent per year for all enterprises-often requires an ECM function that can scale users and content volumes easily and at low cost without a large up-front capital expenditure. Alfresco's content-as-a-service platform works using a monthly subscription.

"Alfresco's platform is designed to take full advantage of a cloud service architecture, and the ParaScale platform enables any node in the cloud to serve requests for data," said Alfresco CEO John Powell.

The integrated ParaScale-Alfresco cloud-based ECM solution is available immediately. Customers can download a free 4TB cloud from the ParaScale Website and integrate the free 30-day Alfresco Enterprise trial software with the cloud.

For more information, go here.

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