Cardiff Champions Paperless Office

By Denise Accurso  |  Posted 2002-06-17

Paper-intensive corporations can easily transform their documents into digital data using Cardiffs Teleform Version 8 Enterprise Information Capture System, a production-level data and document processing system.

Teleform document capture software has been around for more than a decade; when integrated with Cardiffs XML-based LiquidOffice suite, it becomes an automated form processing and workflow system.

For example, Cardiffs solution can allay the burden of processing and responding to numerous job applicants. In tests, I found it simple to import a job application form into the Teleform Designer and set up a merge process. The merge data was passed to the LiquidOffice suite, which automates internal forms and processes. LiquidOffice generated an automated e-mail response to the application by pulling my e-mail addresses off the application form.

Teleform Version 8 Enterprise is available now starting at $11,500 for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows ME systems.

Teleform Version 8 includes a more powerful recognition engine with improved accuracy for recognizing all data, including hand print, machine print, bar codes, check boxes and signature fields (see screen, left). Teleforms new remote capture option allows scanning of forms and documents from remote locations. The scanned forms can be electronically sent to a centralized server for processing.

Teleform supports data export into ODBC, Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, FoxPro, Oracle and XML. Custom scripting can be used to create custom data export for in-house legacy applications.

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