Enterprise Storage Hardware

By Henry Baltazar  |  Posted 2005-04-11

Decru Inc.
Decru DataFort 2.0

Decrus DataFort 2.0 line of security appliances stands out from the competition in its ability to protect virtually all types of storage, including tapes, RAID arrays and file shares.

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With the evolution of privacy protection laws and the growth of SANs (storage area networks), thanks to IP storage protocols, the Excellence Awards judges believe that storage security products will be important for virtually every company. The transparent nature of the Decru DataFort and its ease of implementation make it an excellent security add-on for data centers.

Decrus (www.decru.com) products use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)-256 to protect data and back that data up with solid key management and security logging functionality. The Decru DataFort devices Cryptoshred feature is impressive: It destroys recovery keys and can therefore be used to ensure that when hardware is sent away for repairs or is stolen, the data residing on it will remain safe.


Onstor Inc.
OnStor Bobcat NAS Gateway 1.2

With file server and network-attached storage growth almost out of control in most IT data centers, innovative products such as the OnStor Bobcat NAS Gateway can help consolidate storage resources.

The product lets IT managers use the storage units residing in their SANs and repurpose them for file services.

Unlike other NAS gateway products, the Bobcat can concurrently use heterogeneous SAN storage from a range of vendors, including EMC Corp., Hitachi Data Systems Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co.

More information is at www.onstor.com.

Isilon Systems Inc.
Isilon IQ 1440 and 2250

Isilon Systems (www.isilon.com) cluster-ready Isilon IQ network storage system units have impressive scalability and manageability that should make them a good choice for digital content creators.

The 1.44TB-capacity IQ 1440 and 2.25TB IQ 2250 use a powerful distributed file system to provide a level of scalability that isnt often found in the NAS space. With an IQ system in place, an IT manager can add more Isilon 1440 and 2250 units to the network when additional storage capacity is needed.

Through the use of commodity hardware and inexpensive SATA (Serial ATA) drives, an Isilon IQ cluster can deliver large storage capacities at a reasonable price.

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