Info Overload? AskSam Helps

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2001-02-05

AskSam 4.0 makes keeping track of useful information straightforward, and in the age of the Internet, when the amount of interesting data is often overwhelming, thats saying something.

Although the latest version of this free-form database—which has been around since the days of DOS—can be used to augment a PDA by allowing users to set up a homespun contact manager, I was far more impressed with the softwares ability to organize free-form information like news feeds, product spec sheets and testing notes.

IT managers and practically anyone else who uses the Internet, as well as electronic documents, e-mail and similar electronic data, can store that information in AskSam for nearly instant retrieval. The newly enlarged data storage ability, up to 16 terabytes, along with enhancements such as an improved query results page, make AskSam 4.0 well worth considering, especially at $149 for the standard edition or $349 for the professional edition, which adds full-text indexed searches.

Ask for more info on AskSam at www.asksam. com.

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