Kingston Enters iOS Wireless Storage Market with Wi-Drive

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2011-06-02

Seagate went there earlier this month with its GoFlex Satellite, and now Kingston is stepping forth with its own new wireless storage device specifically for iOS devices.

Kingston on June 2 introduced its Wi-Drive portable storage drive for Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The NAND flash-based Wi-Drive is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket; it gives users a choice of 16GB or 32GB worth of capacity.

However, it stands apart from Seagate's product, which also is pocket-sized (but thicker, so don't try and stuff it into a shirt pocket unless you want to bust some seams) and carries much more storage (500GB).

The Wi-Drive's purpose is simple: It enables users to carry around more data and exchange files with other iOS device owners using its wireless connection. Basically, the Wi-Drive acts like an 802.11g/n wireless file server with a configurable access point name and security settings.

Users will need to download a free Wi-Drive application from the Apple App Store to use the drive. It can also be connected to other personal computers with its USB connector.

The Wi-Drive features a rechargeable battery that Kingston claims gets up to four hours of continuous use. The device also supports most major audio, video, image and document file formats.

The Wi-Drive will be available at the end of June, Kingston said. The 16GB version will be priced at $130; the 32GB at $175.

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