Novell Adds Ingres DB to SUSE Studio Online

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2010-03-18

SAN FRANCISCO-Novell and open-source database provider Ingres March 18 announced that they have hooked up to make the long-established, enterprise-class Ingres DB available in Novell's SUSE Studio.

SUSE Studio is a toolkit used by independent software vendors to build virtual machine-based application appliances that can run across various kinds of data center environments. These self-contained appliances are fundamentally made up of an operating system, a database and a specific Web-based application.

As part of the new agreement, announced at the Open Source Business Conference, Novell and Ingres will jointly support and market the specially designed-and lengthy named-SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database to ISVs looking for an easier way to build these appliances.

"We've made it such that if you want to build an appliance, you log on to Novell [SUSE] Studio, get SUSE Enterprise Linux and the Ingres database, and then can add your application on top of it," Deb Woods, vice president of product management at Ingres, told eWEEK.

"This way, you can port it very quickly to a virtualized environment, a cloud environment-or whatever your needs may be."

The new template for the Ingres database eliminates the burden for IT managers of managing the life cycle of the operating system or the middleware database component within their appliances, Woods said.

Services to Be Shared by Ingres, Novell

Services have been worked out so that either the Novell or the Ingres help desk can work with a customer on solving a problem that may arise anywhere in the appliance, Woods said.

"We've got handoffs within the team to support the customer," Woods said. "It's really, really easy to get started, and you can literally build an appliance in like 5 minutes."

The SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database is available now within SUSE Studio Online. SUSE Studio Online is available here.

For more information about the SUSE Appliance Program, go here.

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