RAID System Provides Flexibility

By Henry Baltazar  |  Posted 2003-06-16

IT managers looking to beef up storage on their low-end servers and workstations should check out the versatile Addonics Combo RAID system.

The $165 Addonics Combo RAID, which shipped last month, comes with two hard drive enclosures, two drive cradles, two IDE-to-Serial ATA converters and a Serial ATA PCI host controller with on-board RAID Level 0/1 support.

The key attribute of this system is flexibility. The unique cradle system lets users remove hard drives and use them externally on other computers using Addonics optional $70 FireWire converter.

In addition, the mobility of this solution makes it a good choice for companies that need to inexpensively move large amounts of data (such as video) from user to user.

Using Serial ATA is a nice touch because it simplifies cabling in the server case. This is important for cooling reasons, especially when dealing with smaller systems loaded with hard drives.

Each drive enclosure contains a cooling fan to prevent heat from affecting drives.

More information about the Addonics Combo RAID system can be found at

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