Samsung Launches 1TB HDD for Notebooks

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2011-06-09

Samsung Electronics on June 9 launched its first 1TB internal hard disk drive for use in notebooks and other mobile PCs.

The Spinpoint M8 consists of two 500GB platters in a 9.5mm-height form factor, so as to fit into a high number of portable computers.

Samsung said the 550GB high density in each disk was achieved by utilizing what it calls advanced format technology (AFT), which raises the data storage density per unit area.

The SpinPoint M8, which runs on a high-performance 3 gigabits per second SATA interface, also features fewer number of components -- meaning disks and heads -- which provide a 7 percent increase in operation speeds and an 8 percent decline in power demand, the company said.

Spinpoint M8 is currently in mass production and available worldwide with the 1TB drive at about $129.

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