Storage Digest: News from IBM, Plasmon, Compellent, Spectra Logic, StoneFly and Permabit

By Karen Schwartz  |  Posted 2005-08-30
IBMs new software protects data continuously; Plasmon offers an archive application with write-once media; Compellent announces iSCSI connectivity for its SAN appliance; Spectra Logic introduces a tape library targeted at the SMB market; StoneFly announces a SAN geared toward small organizations; and Permabit upgrades Permeon Compliance Store.

IBM Announces Software for Continuous Data Protection

IBM Corp. of Armonk, N.Y., has introduced software that provides backup for all types of data in real time instead of through scheduled backup sessions.

IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files, which works on laptops, desktop PCs and servers, creates a copy of the files on the local machine and sends an additional copy to a remote server. The software also automatically saves changes to documents on the local machine while documents are in use and sends those changes to the server as well.

The software, which will be available on Sept. 16, will cost $35 per laptop or desktop PC and $995 per server processor.

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Plasmon Introduces UDO-Compliant Write Once Media

Plasmon, of Denver, has introduced another offering to its line of UDO (Ultra Density Optical) archival storage solutions that can fully eliminate and protect targeted data, enabling companies to more easily comply with the data retention requirements required by government regulations.

UDO Compliant Write Once Media uses new technology to completely and permanently delete data, leaving no residual traces. The shredding technology also keeps an audit trail to verify that the data has been eliminated.

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Compellent Incorporates iSCSI and Fibre Channel Connectivity With SAN Offering

Compellent Technologies of Minneapolis, Minn., has added Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity to Storage Center, its modular SAN (Storage Area Network) solution. The new version connects to Fibre Channel or iSCSI server interfaces on the front end and Fibre Channel or SATA (Serial ATA) disk on the back end.

The ability to mix and match technologies helps optimize both performance and cost within one pool of storage, making the technology particularly attractive to the SMB (small and medium sized business) market, said Dennis Johnson, an executive vice president for Compellent.

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Spectra Logic Targets New Tape Library to SMBs

Spectra Logic has introduced a new tape library targeted at small businesses and larger organizations with remote offices and departments. The S50 tape library, which uses LTO3 drives, has a seven-inch form factor, can scale to 40 TB, and provides performance of up to 576 GB/hour.

The S50 backs up data to WORM (write-once-read-many) tape cartridges and can be connected to servers via Fibre Channel or iSCSI. The $9,500 tape library is available through Spectra Logics channel partners.

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StoneFly Introduces Low-Cost SAN Solution

StoneFly Networks of San Diego, Calif., has introduced an IP SAN solution for less than $10,000, geared to organizations with limited budgets.

The StoneFly ValueSAN, which is based on the companys Storage Concentrator i3000 for IP-based block-level provisioning, scales to 19.2 TB of storage in a single node. The product also includes capabilities for local and campus asynchronous mirroring and snapshotting.

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Permabit Adds New Functionality to Compliance Store

Permabit of Cambridge, Mass., has upgraded its Compliance Store archive product to include improved functionality for system reliability and reporting and support.

Version 2.0 includes a retention policy module that allows users to control how and when electronic records are retained according to business policies, a high-availability module that provides automated failover of incoming application archive data to an alternate portal should the primary portal fail, and a replication module, providing point-in-time replication and more configuration options. Other new features include support for files of up to 2TB and enhanced support for component failure modes.

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