Toshiba Launches Postcard-Size HDD with Backup, Encryption

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2009-06-23

With companies such as Seagate, Synology, Cisco Systems, Rebit, FalconStor, Iomega and several others elbowing each other in the desktop personal storage market with inexpensive yet capacious machines, it seems as if there is little room for another competitor.

No worries. Turns out there's plenty of room for everybody. All these things are selling like lemonade on a hot day.

Hard disk drive maker Toshiba Storage Device Division June 23 introduced the next generation of its USB 2.0 portable hard drives, which feature 320GB and 500GB capacities, system backup, password-protected encryption for added security and enhanced software features.

The small and light personal storage products are designed for portability, weighing only six ounces and sporting a footprint the size of a post card. The portable drives also feature an internal shock sensor and software optimized for both Windows and Mac operating systems, the company said.

Toshiba claims to be the first storage manufacturer to include NTI BackupNow EZ software for Windows, which allows users to back up their system with a single click. NTI BackupNow EZ enables the user to restore the complete system -- even if Windows is unable to start, a company spokesperson said.

In addition, the software will scan a user's system and provide personalized recommendations on the best coverage for files, folders and the entire computer, the spokesperson said.

For Mac users, Toshiba's new backup drives come bundled with NTI Shadow 4 for Mac, enabling users to easily identify files and folders to back up and select a convenient schedule for storage. Toshiba's external hard drives also are compatible out of the box with Apple's Time Machine.

On both the Windows and Mac software platforms, Toshiba has added a password-protected security option with up to 256-bit encryption to answer the growing need for data protection. A new Drive Space Alert feature monitors the backup hard drive's capacity and signals users when storage capacity is running low, the spokesperson said.

Both models are available now. The 500GB drive is priced at $149.99, and the 320GB version is priced at $119.99. For more information, go here.

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