TrekStor Has the Tiny Touch

By Francis Chu  |  Posted 2002-10-21

ThumbDrive Touch, the newest member of TrekStors portable USB data drive family, offers biometric security in the form of a built-in fingerprint reader on the tiny data storage device.

The ThumbDrive Touch comes with 16MB, 32MB, 64MB or 128MB memory capacity, and prices for the device range from $69 to $199. The storage in the ThumbDrive Touch can be partitioned into a public area for standard file access and a secured area that uses the biometric fingerprint sensor for user verification and access.

Although the ThumbDrive Touch doesnt have the higher storage capacity found in USB memory storage devices such as the 512MB DiskOnKey from M-Systems (www.diskonkey. com) and the 1GB USBDrive from JMTek (, the ThumbDrive Touch offers an extra layer of security without the need for additional biometric hardware.

I tested the 16MB version of the ThumbDrive Touch and found the installation and fingerprint registration process easy. I could set the amount of storage to be secured, and the biometric sensor had no trouble scanning my fingerprints.

However, I was disappointed that the ThumbDrive Touch supports only Windows.

More information on TrekStors ThumbDrive family can be found at

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