VM Storage Maker Tintri Rolls Out Appliance Upgrade

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2011-08-29

Storage virtualization provider Tintri announced the completion of the second generation of its VMstore storage appliance on Aug. 29 at VMworld, where it also will demonstrate the device.

Tintri positions VMstore as the first storage appliance designed exclusively for virtual machines, which allows enterprises to broaden their virtualized deployments at will. Its purpose-built file system offers VM-aware functionality and can measure and control I/O performance individually for each virtual disk in a system.

Sophisticated data placement technology combined with inline deduplication and compression allows Tintri to deliver flash performance for all VMs, Tintri said.

New features in the second-generation version include the following:

  • Visualization of VM performance bottlenecks: Identifying and isolating performance bottlenecks is one of the most tedious VM management tasks. Administrators will have instant visibility from the guest OS layer all the way through to the storage layer. They can visualize and immediately identify per-VM or per-vDisk latency at any layer of the infrastructure, making it simple to identify the source of performance issues and take immediate action.
  • VM auto-alignment: Degraded performance due to misalignment between the guest file system and underlying storage is commonplace. With all conventional storage arrays, realignment requires manual remapping of the guest file system. Tintri VMstore now automatically adapts the storage layer to the guest file system without any user interaction or service impact.
  • Dual storage controllers: The next-generation appliance adds fully redundant controllers for high-availability configurations. Like the existing single-controller system, Tintri OS updates do not require system downtime.

Tintri, based in Mountain View, Calif., said VMstore will become generally available in the fourth quarter of 2011. 


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